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Spring Breakers


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I saw this movie yesterday and loved it. I thought it was gorgeous, hilarious, and more than a bit disturbing. And the music was awesome.


(Also at one point, James Franco's character and the girls reminded me of Warren Jeffs and his sister-wives. But maybe that was just me.)


Has anyone else seen this movie? And what are your thoughts on it?


I saw it with a large group of people, and the opinions ranged from "masterpiece" to "that was awful why did I waste my money." It's a very polarizing film.

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I saw the film yesterday with my best friend.

She thought it was a movie "overrated". She thought there were too many flashbacks, voiceover, false philosophy, which will impress the intellectuals and make live this film (like in Fight Club), but it is "philosophy facebook" . She studied to be cameramen (or camera-woman ?), and finds that it is full of camera effects misused.

Personally, I don't really like just because I do not like films with an orgy of alcohol and drugs - member of my family have some problems with it and unfortunately I was raised by them, so I'm put uncomfortable to see it. But by the actresses were very nice and very often in a bikini so it I loved (not my boyfriend lol). For the rest I was a little disgusted with how the film was received here. In most magazines there was criticism, but very often we hear some channels that the film shows "how America is a nation of degenerates", etc ... Herm ... It was very funny to read this xD

But I think I agree with my best friend, it a "false good film." Looks like a film of a rebel teenager who thinks he's impressive because oh my god, alcohol, drugs and sex!

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