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Found 17 results

  1. Then this bit of trailer park drama happened.... Two observations. First, Second, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and bet these people were big time into the family values.
  2. lilwriter85

    Bates Motel on A&E

    I watched the pilot last night and I thought it was a good start.
  3. crazydaffodil

    Drama Free Zone

    You know, this forum is presented as a place to snark on the Fundies and their practices and ideas. It's not about snarking, or worse, on each other! We just get over the emotional roller coaster of one drama and then another one starts! Can't we all just be kind to each other, thoughtful of one another's feelings, and stop with the hurtful rhetoric? Just sayin...
  4. happy atheist

    Gone Girl Movie - spoilers

    I thought it was a very faithful adaptation of the book. Of course they compressed some things and left a few things out, but I didn't notice any big changes. It was well cast and beautifully shot. I don't usually like Ben Affleck, but he worked really well as Nick. I had heard that they were changing the ending, but not so much. They just left out the "I feel sorry for you because you have to be you" thing.
  5. Ariel

    About Time

    I wanna start by saying I haven't seen the film...just the trailer a million times while I watch tv. The premise of the movie is that a man (and the rest of the men in his family) are capable of going back in time and changing their lives. The trailer shows the protagonist mostly using this for romantic reasons. He redoes the first time he meets Rachel McAdams (love interest), he redoes the first time they have sex. It appears as though later in the film his dad dies, and in going back in time to change that, the protagonist never ends up meeting Rachel McAdams. Drama! Is anybody squicked out by the premise? Or at least the uses of time travel? I don't want to watch the movie because I am so completely grossed out by the idea that this guy keeps messing up his chances with the girl (Bad first meeting, bad first time sex) and goes back and changes everything in order to get the girl. It's manipulative, and just gross. I kinda feel like a Debbie Downer, having this opinion about a movie that is supposed to be a "Feel Good Movie of the Year", but again, yuck.
  6. OkToBeTakei

    The Life of Pi.

    Watching this right now. I saw no topic about it. I loved the book.
  7. slickcat79

    I Kinda Wanna See Magic Mike

    I find Channing Tatum really annoying but...damn. I guess I'm just that shallow Anyone else planning a girls' (or boys') night out? eMU7s6cwxEM
  8. tuckerphez

    Spring Breakers

    I saw this movie yesterday and loved it. I thought it was gorgeous, hilarious, and more than a bit disturbing. And the music was awesome. (Also at one point, James Franco's character and the girls reminded me of Warren Jeffs and his sister-wives. But maybe that was just me.) Has anyone else seen this movie? And what are your thoughts on it? I saw it with a large group of people, and the opinions ranged from "masterpiece" to "that was awful why did I waste my money." It's a very polarizing film.
  9. Soldier of the One

    Django Unchained

    Has anyone seen this movie? Thoughts/opinions? Personally, I loved it. Although I can see how it could be, as the Brits say, a 'bit Marmite' (as in you either love it or hate it).
  10. So we went out tonight and saw this. I loved it. Anyone else seen it? Thoughts? I suppose this could also encompass the book as well... loved that as well.
  11. Glass Cowcatcher

    Good movies about US presidents?

    Hi all, The offspring are going through a phase of being very interested in the history of US presidents. This is definitely something I want to encourage. Can anyone recommend any movies about US presidents, that would be appropriate for schoolaged kids? All I can think of off the top of my head is JFK and W, which I don't think are age appropriate. A few scenes of sex, language, or violence are OK, as long as they don't pervade the entire movie. TIA.
  12. I was bored the other day and thought which actor would play Bill Gothard if a movie was made about his life. I was watching the old SNL episodes with Christopher Walken and I think he would be perfect. Anybody have thoughts?
  13. I went to see this movie today, and I give it a big thumbs-up. Finally a movie where fine actors develop interesting characters! And no one had to blow anything up or take off their clothes. It's funny, interesting, visually stunning and touching. It also reminded me how much I wish I could dress like Indian women do. Everything they wear looks comfortable and have such rich colors. You don't have to be of a "certain age" to enjoy this movie, but if you are (like me), it's very relate-able.
  14. fakepigtails73

    Hunger (2008 film)

    I saw that film about Provisional-IRA member Bobby Sands the other day. Holy crap, what a moving film. It stars Michael Fassbender, who is becoming one of my fave actors lately. Don't be in an over emotional mood before watching this though, as it is not "light" entertainment...
  15. Buzzard

    The Ides of March

    I may very well give it the title of "worst movie ever", most definitely worst movie of the year. Its a thriller like making coffee is a thriller. Ugh!
  16. luckylassie

    Legend of Boggy Creek

    I was watching youtube a few days ago and came across a "docudrama" from the 70's that takes place in Arkansas (coincidence?) Anyway, the supposed documentary told of a southern version of the loch ness monster that terrorized the town of Fauk Arkansas (where Arkansas and Texas meet). The monster was seven feet tall, hairy, and almost human looking. Anyway next time your on you tube you might look it up. It's pretty creepy.
  17. Austin

    Sarah's Key

    My husband and I saw Sarah's Key tonight and we both thought it was really good. I'm not a big movie fan, particularly if a movie is based upon a book because the result is usually not nearly as good as the book, but this film honored the book, in my view. Kristin Scott Thomas plays the female lead and Aidan Quinn has a good role, too. If you enjoyed the book, you may enjoy the movie as well. Has anyone else seen it? I know the release has been rather limited as it is an independent film.
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