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[Repost] Jana Duggar wants large family


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Hopewell said:


Imagine that! She wants a big family!! Here's the article link http://tonawanda-news.com...92/-19-Kids-and-Counting

Bontranger's have a daughter a few months younger than John/Jana and a son 2 years younger...hmmmmmm




demgirl said:

Nice to see the programming worked.




cassandra said:


Won't they always be part of a large family? Will her parents and siblings just disappear when she gets married?



Hopewell said:


I took that to be WHY she wants a large family of her own, but maybe you are the one reading it right......




watchdog said:

Jana Duggar has already raised a large family. She might want to experience a little more of life outside the compound (besides family bus trips) before she commits to birthin' and raisin' her own. Just a thought.




AthenaC said:

Jana obviously doesn't know what it's like to have 7 children under the age of 7 with no older "helpers."



Michelle clearly doesn't spend a lot of time talking about her near-nervous breakdown in front of the kids.




cassandra said:


Ha. I'm currently home on the couch trying to fight strep throat. I wouldn't put much faith in my reasoning skills right now : )



Sola said:


Well of course, she'll then be part of her husband's family.



Hopewell said:


Honestly, I HAVE been curious about that! Of course, while they're still on tv they will exploit every possible ratings booster, but once the cameras do finally go away....will the girls become just part of the husband's family or will they go back and forth [assuming the marriage is "approved" by both families].....



simonismean said:

Well, I doubt she'll end up with as many kids as her mother- it doesn't look like they are going to parole her any time soon. I'd be willing to bet that Michelle wouldn't want to give up her "Mom with the most blessings" title even to one of her own kids...




Saoirse said:

Well then, she had better get cracking. She's 21, after all. Practically menopausal.




emmyfair said:


No kidding. I had a 4 year old, a one year old, and a newborn, and just that drove me to a much needed medicated state for a few months. I can't imagine seven. That sounds, to me, like hell.

*happy dance my tubes are tied!!!*





Hopewell said:


Oh ...I'm pretty sure she does--she is the oldest girl and you know she's had to take care of the whole tribe on her own.......Of course not having to cook real food probably does make it easier....



duplessis3 said:

How on earth could she ever answer any other way? I don't see the Duggars as real accepting of a daughter saying "I want one child and I am going to go on the pill."




masagoroll said:

I have hope for the young ones. I think some of them are going to get the heck out of dodge when they can.




MrsB said:

Of course Michelle says all the kids seem to want large families, but (I hope) there's got to be one or two out of the bunch who's not interested in having tons of kids.



What does Michelle even know about what her kids do or don't want, anyway? It's not like she's the one actually raising them.




jessica said:

Maybe she's going by the mainstream idea of a big family (4) instead of the Quiverfull idea (10+)? I can only hope.




LaurieKutil said:

If she only knew she has options...There is more than one way to live life.




shirleymaclaine said:

Tick tock, Jana. Tick tock.




bananacat said:

I hope that if Jana really does want fewer kids, that she secretly takes a pill and pretends that God just doesn't want to bless her 19 times. But she is the age now that Michelle was when she started, so she'll probably never catch up no matter what.




Feberin said:

I think all the girls have said before that they want large families. It's all they've been taught.



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The Bontrager Family, who was traveling with the Duggars

Someone is moving in on Bates territory.Not cool Bontragers. Not cool at all.

Bontragers Vs. Bates: No holds barred.

Who wins?

The brainwashing seems to be working. Or is it the months in the prayer closet that she may be in when she is not filming.

I have no doubt Jana will toe the QF line, as will Jill. The ones after them are going to be the interesting ones to watch and see what happens. I can picture some of the older ones possibly coming to their senses when they have 6 or so young very-close-in-age kids, depending on their spouses, of course.

From the article:

Really? Michelle has to worry about Josh, Jana, JD, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and the other teens? I get so sick of the media acting like several of her kids aren't freaking adults, or very close to being so. And then they go on to discuss the infamous buddy system anyway, which shows that Michelle worrying about any of her kids is a big fat lie.

After getting married and experiencing her first vacation ever from wiping runny noses and bums and cooking Tater Tots, I wouldn't be surprised if she secretly went on the Pill, and played the "Waiting on God's Blessings in His Time" card. I kinda hope they all do (or at least use FAM or hell, even the ol' pull-and-pray, if birth control induces that much guilt), just to get a tiny bit of time for THEM for the first, and last, time ever.

Jana will be around the compound for a while. From pics taken on the Niagara Falls trip, it looks like she's been assigned to be Josie's sister-mom. Yes, they took the premie on this trip, which when done will last about 2 weeks.

I've just gotta say...a few years ago, I said I wanted 24 kids. Now I want 4, max. Lol

Of course she does. She doesn't know any other way to live!

that could be Jinger. I can't see 19 kids in her future. I think Jana and Jill may fit the mold better than Jessa and Jinger.

Jim Bob cut Jill off when the girls were asked what would they clear up about being in a large family. None of the older kids looked excited when the last two pregnancies were announced. Even if some of them may want big families now , they will likely be raising them with no help from reality show and with a higher cost of living then when their parents started. I dont see 19 kids in Jinger's future either.

My grandmother had 13 siblings and I just found out this weekend that her parents employed something similar to the buddy system. Then, when my grandma (10/14) was 14 they sent her off to help her older sister with her kids. The result? My grandma had 2 kids.

If you need someone to come to your house to 'help' with your kids, you have too many.

I mean, if your job is to stay at home and take care of the house and kids, then do your job. If you need 'help', your husband is an ass and you need to stop having kids.

Note, I don't mean help as in - a babysitter so you can go out or take care of things; mom's with one kid or 10 need that sometimes; I don't mean help as in being able and willing to hire a housekeeper because you are a working mom with active kids who always have to be somewhere and you don't actualy have the time to clean the windows; by help I don't mean after the birth of a baby,when mom comes to help out for a few days. I mean - if you take in a pre-teen or teenager as 'help'.

Things were different way back when. Now, there is a way to prevent a woman from being so worn out and exhausted and overwhelmed. Birth control is one of those things.

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