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Anyone know what happened to the Fink couple? (baby starved)


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Anyone remember this couple? I remember when this case came out... I always wonder what happened to this little boy. He would be in his early teens now.



http://www.deseretnews.com/article/6617 ... -sons.html


Woodward Claunch had to swallow hard several times while describing what he saw upon finding Kyndra Fink in a tent with her two infant sons in the remote Montana wilderness.


The mother and two children were lying in blankets, trying to keep warm. Claunch noticed that among several soiled diapers was a plastic container with about a half-inch of water left in it.Kyndra Fink looked "gaunt," and 21-month-old David "skeletal," Claunch said. Only Elijah, the newborn, seemed to be in "decent condition."



"During the first several minutes of contact with her (Kyndra), she seemed somewhat out of sorts or possibly delusional," Claunch said. She told him she'd been saving the water for the children.


"I think she was extremely relieved when I gave her some of that water. I thought she might pass out," said Claunch, a Stillwater County, Mont., deputy sheriff who testified Friday during a preliminary hearing in 3rd District Court for Kyndra and her husband, Christopher Fink.


The pair are charged with child kidnapping, a first-degree felony; child abuse, a second-degree felony; and aggravated assault, a third-degree felony. Prosecutors allege the couple kidnapped their son, David, from Primary Children's Medical Center Sept. 19 and neglected him by not feeding him properly.


Among Friday's witnesses, Camille Hyatt, a nursing assistant at Primary Children's Medical Center, testified that on Sept. 19 she was supervising a visit by Christopher and Kyndra Fink with David. The child had been taken to the hospital several days earlier by Kyndra's family members and placed in state protective custody after physicians determined he was suffering from severe malnourishment, according to prosecutors.


The little boy can barely talk. Yet, by Christopher Fink's reckoning, his first-born son, David, is a child chosen by God, a divine prophet.


But to Earl Fink, Christopher Fink's graying, truck-driving father, grandson David is no prophet; he's a 21-month-old slowly being starved by parents clutching self-fashioned beliefs that allow the youngster little but lettuce and watermelon.


Twelve days ago, Christopher and Kyndra Fink, both 23, snatched the child from protective custody at a Salt Lake City hospital.


Yesterday, the FBI was still trying to track the three -- Kyndra Fink, 8 1/2 months pregnant with their second child -- on a trail that went cold after a sighting Saturday 140 miles south of Salt Lake City.


Back in Altoona, the city where Christopher Fink grew up, his soft-spoken father sat in his back yard yesterday, crying when he spoke of his 21-month-old grandson, wasted to the weight of a 6-month-old.


Earl Fink could offer no explanation. He could only plead to a long-estranged son who couldn't even hear him.


"Please, Chris," Earl Fink said as his words became sobs, "contact authorities."


It was a message Christopher Fink's family is taking everywhere.


Yesterday, his younger sister and brother and a pair of aunts appeared with Kyndra Fink's sister and brother-in-law on the NBC daytime talk show "Leeza."


"Dateline NBC" prepared a segment. A crew for the tabloid show "Hard Copy" was setting up at midday yesterday in Earl Fink's kitchen.


But they got pleas, not explanations for Christopher Fink's behavior.


"I'd say he was misled, deceived -- even though it may be his own self-deception," Earl Fink said of his son's beliefs.


"He felt David was a prophet," Kyndra Fink's father, Dr. Dewain Lee, a Pocatello, Idaho, chiropractor, said yesterday.


Two days after Christmas 1996, Kyndra Fink gave birth to the child unceremoniously on the kitchen floor of an apartment, with her husband attending. Then, they tried to keep the baby spiritually pure, denying him anything but fruits, starchless vegetables and leafy greens.


"This diet of fruit is what Adam and Eve subsisted on in perfect repose and health," Christopher Fink wrote in a lengthy treatise posted on the Internet.

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Last article on the Net that comes up was the mom kyndra going free on probation(divorced from the nut) Looking at the pics of Christopher Fink he sure didnt look malnurished himself!

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