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Further proof it's all for the camera.... Josh & Anna


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as if you needed it...! :lol:


Since joining this site I've been re-watching 17/18/19 KAC with a more critical eye. During the episode where the Duggar's return to finish the Bates' renovations, there's a scene where the Wilson family are playing their instruments. The camera pans round to Josh and Anna who are standing by the door, Josh looking over Anna's shoulder. Anna spies the camera, looks up at Josh, says something and nods her head towards the camera - he then leans over and kisses her.


It was just so *obvious*, I can't believe I didn't spot it before. Do they really think that looked in any way natural??

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Pavlovian response learned from JimBoob and Mullet?

'We're Pavlovs dog after all' - But shave my leg and call me Heidi if I won't look it up right now.

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