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Duggars on french TV


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Damn, my French is rusty.

I'm very interested in what the French think of the Duggars, but from the first 4 minutes it looks like they too are giving the Duggars the kid-gloves treatment. Then again, there's 28 more minutes but my French is too rusty and my attention span is too short.

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Well for the most part is how the family is organized and they are quite nice with them. But we don’t have a lot of fundy here, it’s more curiosity, they don’t criticize.

I try to write what I noticed:

Michelle hesitates when she said “Jinger is……. -And she looks to Jessa- 18†and then “James is 10…, in fact 9†and at the end “oo it’s ok, I was wrong only four times†(just translate from French, I can’t hear what she said in English, so it can have translating mistakes).

I was like what?? You don’t even know how old your children are.

And we see “Johanna pinched me†from Jackson told for her dad to see/act ( bestfriends ??)

They also said “the Americans like them: the Duggars are a model for themâ€

They said they spent around 2500 euros (3 250$) a month for food. It shows the girls making lunch and boys playing basketball (with Jim Bob) instead of helping their sisters/daughters.

Then we see them eating in plastic plates and Jimbob said “We don’t have an extra hours to was the dishes and it’s even cheaper than the dish-washing liquid“ I was thinking what about the environment?

“Michelle does at least 8 loads of laundries a day†really? I thought she said some friend helped here.

What I didn’t like also is when she talks about the miscarriage because of the pills, nothing was added so some people here can believe them about that.

We saw also the little kids get rewards (candies) if they can correctly said some verses from the Bible (exactly like how I trained my dog). They explained also that she teaches creationism instead of evolution (here it’s something really curious so they don’t criticize directly but most of the audience would think there is a problem with them), however they talk about “maternal indoctrination seems to work†(not so nice).

And then we hear about one little boy who said “I don’t really miss school and meeting other people because I meet a lot of people when we go out place… I meet good Christian friends†Duggars are not tolerant.

We saw the older girls going to a megachurch for a conference (“tomorrow fore father ??â€), we saw the purity rings also I never saw one in France.

It’s only the first part; I will try to do the last part later :)

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They also talk about the fact that this is taking place in Kansas, which is in the Bible belt, where a large percentage of the population is white (read: they're probably mostly idiot bigots, just because they don't know any better). Then there's a shot of cars driving along a street littered with Fast-food marquees, and the commentary that this is all taking place in the urban landscape typical of the locale (read: ugly and cheap).

The tone was fairly disparaging, all in all, at least in terms of what they were choosing to report on. They said the family was "fascinating" to Americans, and was one more example of American reality TV culture. I don't think they need to explain how dumb some of the Duggers' views are, since most French people would be dying laughing at the mere idea of some of this.

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I can totally imagine Psycho Michelle singing Alouette to her babies in her irking, creepy, zoloft-stricken baby voice. Alouette is a song about a songbird who's getting it's fragile body plucked, part by part.... She could even show it 'Jeeeeently' on the baby... I'll pluck your head little songbird... I pluck your back... I pluck your legs...

Why didn't they let her? That woudl have totally introduced the real Muterus Duggar to the french viewers.

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Michelle. For the love of all that is holy. Ditch the black tights. Match your shoes & stockings to the rest of your outfit!

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and for the second part

Then they go to the homeschool conference, they almost forget Justin (Was he the one lost in the airport?), in Texas “Promised Land for Christians fondamentalists†“where thousands of Americans share believes and life choice of the Duggarâ€â€ This holidays camp is a ‘garden of Eden’ for the largest and the most religious families in the USâ€.

They talk about the family being filmed and said “The family don’t talk much about it but they get at the minimum 15 000 euros (20 000$) for each episode which means at least 7 500 euro a month (10 000$) or how earn confortable money with a spiritual reality show†because the TLC crew is also here. “the proselytism of the show is taked on by producersâ€â€¦ … “The Duggar are who they are and if they want to use us as a platform for they religion, I don’t have a problem†from a TLC guy.

Then we see the Bates “2 rival familiesâ€. But they show oh it’s good place, our children can interact, we have the same values… Michelle is doing a speech on how sometime it’s difficult to take care of the little one: she sings to herself “the joy of the Lord is my strength†and then she insists “we are different we could be put apart but that doesn’t mean it’s bad, it could mean that it’s good and that’s OK because I tell my children others may but we may not and that’s alrightâ€: really!

We saw the boys with their alert stuff which seems quite stupid for me and the show criticize this “patriotic ambiance which looks like paramilitary show†and from an adult alert “enemy is really strong, he has all weapons, he knows how to take us down, what are we supposed to do now ? Are we fighting against one another? No we are not, we are fighting against Satan and his evil forces†and from French commenter “propaganda begins at an early ageâ€.

From Josiah “it’s really tuft out in the world : find a job, the pressure about party, its going to be hard for us. It’s good to learn it right now to be ready for later life†go go outside you will be more than welcome in the outside world Josiah

Then they are in NYC, they give people their picture haha. They insist on the difference between the duggar rural life and cosmopolite NYC and then Michelle said something about her not wanting one of her child living in NYC (but if that the Lord want…)

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