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Kody Brown's Twitter

Kitchen Princess

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I just checked out his Twitter feed.

He cannot be any more of a douche than evidenced by this tweet:


@TheRealRoseanne Men can procreate well into their 70's, 80's, while women cannot. My seeds shouldn't be wasted because of menopause."

I'd bet Meri is really feeling valued about now.

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Okay, I was willing to think he was nicer than most gave him credit for being. Well, I was wrong! I admit it, he is a total douche canoe. I would like to kick him in his seed makers. What an ass.

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are we sure its real? i've seen the show he doesn't seem like a total jackass, unless i am totally reading him wrong.

It's linked from their new "gym" website.

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My bad....I had typed in Kody Brown and then linked from the website in another tab and didn't go to the right one. That's not to say that the Kody_Brown one isn't actually him.

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I don't think this is his real account, either. The profile description says:

Hiiiiii. My name is Kody and I'm a proud polygamist. I was Phil from Survivor and Danny from RHONJ before this. I'm like the THING.

Those second two sentences make me think it's fake.

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are we sure its real? i've seen the show he doesn't seem like a total jackass, unless i am totally reading him wrong.

You and I must be watching different shows then.

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