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Help please - what do I do about a split fingernail?


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Silly me. It happens every time - I was working in the garden and I snapped 3 fingernails. Usually I wouldn’t care, but I am growing them for a special event in a few weeks, so I’d like to try to save them if possible. I can include a photo but my fingers are gross. The worst split is really low and would be painful to cut.

I think I have 2 options? Gel manicure or acrylics? Or could I try press on nails? I’ve never had fake nails before but I have had gel polish a couple of times for special events. It really ruins them, but I think it’s the lesser of two evils. If I have a gel manicure or acrylic nails done, I’ll need to have them done again in a few weeks, right? 

I’ve tried the tea bag method in the past and it has never worked for me. I’ve also tried thick coats of at-home gel polish (no UV lamp) and it hasn’t worked either.

Please help? I really want nice nails for this special event.

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