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State Legislature Misogyny


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More of that side splitting Republican humor


Here’s the thing: Conservatives aren’t funny.

There’s a reason there are virtually no right-leaning comedy films, late-night shows or stand-up comedians outside of a handful. Republicans will say it’s because of liberal media bias, but this is America; if there was a demand for Klan-ish comedy there would be a supply—they just don’t understand how comedy works.

Anyway, Oklahoma state Sen. Nathan Dahm isn’t funny. He thinks he is and he swears that others think he is, but he’s really just another mediocre white male misogynist whose remedial understanding of comedic timing and room reading had him thinking it was appropriate to tell and then double-down on a sex joke he made about Vice President Kamala Harris.

Predictably, neither Dahm’s Democrat nor Republican female colleagues thought his Dollar Store ‘90s Rush Limbaugh joke was funny.


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My theory is that a lot of humor (not all) can start from a place of pain. I can remember using it as a defense mechanism through pain starting as just a kid. Therefore I think extremely privileged people don’t develop that side of humor. They don’t need to! People will laugh at their jokes when they aren’t funny because they are overprivileged white males. I’m sure all the lackeys around this guy laugh loudly at this guy’s sexist jokes. He has no clue they are only laughing because they need to in order to keep their jobs. 

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 Straight, white, male comics reference that place of pain even with their other privileges in place. Jeff Foxworthy has referenced his alcoholic, absentee father. Louie Anderson  has referenced his alcoholic father. David Spade his absentee father. Sometimes the privileged are clueless and it shows.  

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I couldn't post this on the war on abortion thread, but this is a powerful valedictorian speech from Texas.


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