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Former SBC Church Welcomes LGBTQ Members


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A Baptist Pastor in Georgia was approached by a married LGBTQ couple and asked if they could join his church.  He allowed them to join even knowing the SBC wouldn't be too happy over it.


During his Easter sermon last weekend, Pastor Jim Conrad preached a message of love and acceptance from the pulpit of his church.

Over the past several months, the pastor's stance on love and acceptance has drawn national attention to Towne View Baptist Church in Kennesaw, Georgia.

Specifically, over the question of who's allowed to become a member of it.

Earlier this year, Towne View lost its relationship with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and almost half its membership, along with their dues, as a result of Conrad's decision in 2019 to accept a gay couple and their three children as members of Towne View.

I think Towne View are the winners in this little contest.  Sure they got the boot from their denomination and lost quite a few members but the pastor did what he had to in order to sleep at night.  And given how much in bed the SBC has been in with Republicans and OFM they can now do their thing.  The SBC isn't the only game in town when it comes to Baptist denomination so I'm sure other denominations would welcome Towne View. 

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This is exactly the kind of story full of hope that I needed to read right before I go to work. I haven't been to church in several years, but I'd happily attend this one if it weren't so far away!

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