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[Repost] Lina's (set-apart) YouTube channel


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I noticed that she subscribed to the following YT channel a few days ago


I might be wrong, but isn't this making fun of Jewish women and their culture? It just seems really out of character for Lina....... I get that social humour is a touchy subject esp when religion and ethnicities are thrown in the mix. (I'll admit I love Russell Peter and he's as unPC as they come.) What's your take on this? Is it possible that Lina maybe doesn't get that it's just a parody and is taking it seriously? (Maybe it is completely serious though, I'm the one who is still convinced that the Smiling Sisters are a parody so I might just be stupid about this one too.......) I didn't really find sodaniellecious all that funny but it did seem a bit offensive.

I can't imagine Lina would be interested in braving the comment-sewer that exists on YouTube. She could barely stand it on her blog, and YouTube is a thousand times worse.

Well, I can't stand to watch it but I think whether whether something is offensive or not is often in the eye of the beholder. I like lots of things that are thought of as "offensive" towards people of my own religion/culture/sex/race. There's no way Lina could take this seriously. I think she likes it because she finds it funny in a "in group" sort of way, and not offensive. It also seems to me that this show wouldn't be understood by most people who want to make fun of Jews... maybe I'm totally off there? I don't think most non-Jews would get it or even understand the language. Now, I am from Texas (like Lina, hey!), one of the big cities too, and I have to say that I never even met a Jewish person until college. So perhaps in other places non-Jews do know what Pesach and Purim are, but that's not the case around here. I'm not sure that makes a difference.

Edited to add a missing thought.

I find her username funny.

Bahahaa!!!! :-P :-D

She just can't stay away from the attention. I can't and won't watch any of her videos. For my own reasons but there is the added bonus that I am not paying attention and don't give a shit.
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Annette wrote:

Umm, she favorited this:

Can anyone explain to me what i just watched?! I hope I'm not offending anybody, but I've never seen anything like this!

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