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Fantastic Beasts -- or Bust?


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Anybody else as *meh* as I was about "Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them"?

i know: I'm late seeing it and per Rotten Tomatoes, I'm in the minority. 

Granted, the photography and art direction and f/x,  fabulous.  

Can't go wrong with Samantha Morton , Collin Farrell and the new to me actors. All did fine. 

But egads:

•It was 30 minutes longer than it needed to be

•The plot was unclear

•What was the DANGER and NEAR WAR between the wiz & non-maj worlds, other than Samantha's creeper character

•Why were the USA wizzes so mean-spirited and among the United Nations assemblage of delegates, where were the U.K. reps?

Sorrly lacking in exposition and plot lost amongst overlong scenes of creature lust (Newt presenting his booty to the creature who eventually what, ejaculates into a tree???) and incomprehensible mumbling…total fail IMHO  

But it's the same as the last 3 volumes of Harry Potter -- JKR wasn't going to brook any editing of her deathless prose.  Overlong & overwrought.



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I agree that it was definitely a bit long and felt like they wanted to make it feel like it was an adult film instead of one for kids. I'm hoping more of the back story gets explained in the future. The whole obscurius/obscurial thing (am I crazy or could they not decide which term to use and just used both?) was not explained well, especially for such a new and important concept. I did love it though, especially the character development. Queenie is my favorite person in the whole world.

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The costumes/sets were absolutely GORGEOUS, & I loved the music, too. That being said, it was a wee bit long, true, but I greatly enjoyed the movie, & decided that I want a Newt of my very own. He's so dorky/sweet, & I love a man that loves animals.

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