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Let's Discuss Westworld, Season One!


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A few people have expressed interest in discussing this awesome show. The Season One finale aired this past Sunday so anyone who isn't caught up should probably not read here yet.  For the rest of us, let's not type anything in the first three sentences of our posts that would reveal info so that no spoilers will appear on the main page of current threads (there's probably a better name for that). Does that make sense?

As this is just an introductory post, I won't discuss content here. But, in subsequent posts there WILL BE SPOILERS!

I am so bummed the season is over and I read that, due to the complexity of the scripts and shooting, it may not return until 2018!  I also read that Evan Rachel Wood said that the first season is/was basically a prequel to the 'real show' which will begin in season two. 

So let's talk about it!  

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It was certainly a mind trip and a half.  Very cleverly put together!  Lots to think and feel about.  I'm looking forward to more.  The long wait will be difficult!



I like the contrast between Dolores's journey and Maeve's, especially all the twists in the finale that changed a lot of what we thought we knew.  I forsee difficulty arising between Dolores and Teddy, due to Dolores being 'the lady in the Wyatt shoes'.  A major part of Teddy's character is being protective of Dolores (who is no longer the damsel) while his new backstory puts him at odds with Wyatt.  MiB was lying when he said Wyatt took Dolores, but he was also right in a way.

I hope Elsie isn't actually dead.



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On 12/20/2016 at 1:04 AM, CyborgKin said:


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I hope Elsie isn't actually dead.



I hope that Ford is really dead and that Elsie isn't (too). 

I think a lot about the following:

Bernard's glitching after he finds out he's AI looks very much like a human mental breakdown

At one point a guest thanks the MIB for saving their sister's life. This leads me to believe that the Hosts have evolved into being actually human-more like clones with transplantable parts

Ford seemed really confused as to why his boy self killed the dog...as if that was not programmed,  The AI young Ford had learned to lie, What was that about.

Is Teddy going to be super glitched after revelations about Dolores?

Do the Hosts grow? Their are two child hosts we see... boy Ford and Maeve's daughter.  hmmm

I'm sure there's more but this is all for today.  Discuss.



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