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Need some help!


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So I have this project for Conceptual  Development class. One of my themes is sociopolitical, specifically purity/rape culture. 

Technically it's a "drawing" but it doesn't have to be a literal drawing. It simply needs to convey the formal elements: line, texture, color, etc...

My background is going to be a quilt. Now the part I need help with is, beyond the quilt itself, the feminine squares & whatnot... what suggests rape culture?

When you think of either if these cultural ideas, what items come to mind that you would or could associate with either one (or both)?

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tears, alcohol/drinks, purity ring, tiara?,  a bra?, woman with a black box blocking her?, a woman in some type of headscarf or other concealing clothing, a woman in some type of revealing clothing, the two standard gender symbols, the man/woman symbols from bathroom doors

ooh- do a hand grabbing a cat/pussy

rape culture.jpgwhat-is-rape-culture.jpg

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