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Pet stains


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Please share any tips or advice on cleaning pet stains here.

My Saint Bernard,  Rocco (discussed at great length in another thread ) has been having a LOT of accidents related to his chemo.  Diarrhea episodes have been occurring more often these past few weeks. He still has two rounds of chemo left so I don't expect this problem to go away anytime soon.  He is nice enough to have the accidents in the same area so he isn't trashing the whole house but still...

My usual go to cleaners don't seem to be up to the task. I have tried Woolite Pet in my steam cleaner.  I prefer not to use soap since it leaves a residue that just attracts more dirt.

I have also tried baking soda and vinegar and sucking it up with the steam cleaner.  That usually works well but there is still a stain.

I also use Spot Shot when all else fails (it smells TERRIBLE ) and that has let me down too. I have also tried Oxy Clean, no improvement. 

Any other ideas Jingerites? 

Rocco's next chemo is Wednesday and I will ask them if they have any suggestions. 


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Natures Miracle?  I think they make a formula that can go in a steam cleaner.
If he's using the same spot, I would put down a cheap plastic table cloth, and put some blankets or his bed over it for comfort.  He can still have his spot but at least the clean up will be easier.  That's what I did after Argon had his stroke.

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Are you talking carpets?  You have used my usual solutions to the problem.  A solution of Hydrogen Peroxide?  It might bleach the surrounding area though.

I wish I had better ideas.  

With Miss P. who had incontinence problems towards the end I bought some washable plastic backed reusable bed pads (the ones made for people are much cheaper.)

If he is always going in the same places perhaps putting something like that over a plastic table cloth would be extra protection and easier clean up. 

Best wishes to the gorgeous Rocco.  May he continue to do well.

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@Gossamer1 I have had the best luck with Simple Solution for urine/feces stains and odors. Nature's Miracle has never worked on my carpeting. For vomit, the best thing I've ever used is Spray Nine, which is not marketed for that, but has been wonderful. It is my go-to for stains, it has even gotten the stain out when I dropped a whole plate of spaghetti with red sauce on my light grey carpet.

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Somone recommended a product called Eco-88. IT. IS. AMAZING!

Just spary it on and walk away. It got rid of the last of the stain. I have no idea what is in it, the ingredients aren't listed. There must be peroxide because it has no scent. I tried peroxide on its own and it didn't work so I'm wondering what else is in it.

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