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  1. 47of74

    Cats vs Dogs

    Here’s the contest in a nutshell. https://m.imgur.com/gallery/9tOOl55
  2. Friends, I have mentioned, I think, that the kitty that I have been feeding for a few years decided he lives with me now, not his supposed humans. He's doing well inside (he's a big fan of the couch and fireplace), but he hasn't quite figured out how to use the litter box. He understands that he's not supposed to pee just anywhere -- he's peeing on the pee pads I have down for my old man cat who is going senile and forgot entirely how to use the box. It's not an urgent issue, but someday I would like to not have 2894329473 pee pads down everywhere. Any ideas how to communicate to him that the box is the best way? Obligatory picture so you can tell him he's the prettiest:
  3. So my laptop went stupid, again. I think the battery needs replacing. My mum kindly lent me her laptop (which she doesn't really use) and I downloaded Origin/Sims 4. My first port of call was to create the Whittakers! The little family consists of Mark and Julia and their kitten, Lily, who's a calico. Julia is a Nerd Brain, which involves becoming very good at Logic and Handiness. She also enjoys video games! But where's Lily....? She's so teeny! Unlike in Sims 2 and Sims 3 Pets, you can create a kitten in CAS. You could adopt a kitten in 2 and 3, but not create one yourself. Just like with Vincent Powell, Mark is a wannabe chef. They bought Lily a comfy bed... but she's a cat, so she's sleeping outdoors. At least it's on grass rather than hard concrete... Off to work as an astronaut! Finally, Lily's sleeping in her cat bed... Ta da! She's a big girl now! Uh oh, Lily started eating the vegetable dumplings... The Whittakers live in Willow Creek. Their home's Lot Traits are Chef's Kitchen, Great Soil (helps with Gardening) and Science Lair (Logic and Rocket Science). This bizarre-looking contraption is a cupcake machine, although it can also produce various other baked goods with the Baking skill (Cooking skill is for the cupcakes, and the Baking skill produces stuff like doughnuts, muffins and tarts). Mmm, lemon gelato... Cats and their choice of sleeping spots... Lily started randomly meowing, with hearts round her. After a quick google, it turned out she was in heat. This is also new to Sims 4. You also have the option of getting your cats spayed/neutered... I haven't got round to that yet. So, they adopted Olly! And it seems like the two cats got on well! No kittens appeared; I have no idea if this screenshot captured mating or not. Aside from the usual festivals (Love Day, Harvest Fest, Winter Fest, New Years) you also get random holidays pop up. The first random holiday was Season Premiere Day, which I've not had before. The show was called Game of Llamas (a lot of the books Sims can read have got titles that reference pop culture, eg Lord of the Swings, Darley Porter and the Basement of Shadows by U.K. Englishlady and The Bladder Games, among others). Both Mark and Julia were working on Love Day, so they had to wait until late to get their traditions in (each holiday has various traditions, and you can get various moodlets depending on how many you complete).
  4. So I'm in the processing of getting a cat for the first time. We had a cat when I was young, but he lived in my dad's shop and didn't affect my daily life. So I'm really new to cat owning, but I feel like I'm ready for it. I have my own two bedroom apartment, so dogs aren't allowed, otherwise I'd probably lean more towards a puppy. However, I'm excited to get a cat (a Ragdoll) and was looking for any tips to help kitten adjust to her new life! (Hoping to get the kitten in the beginning of 2020)
  5. dairyfreelife

    Puppy Pics

    Because we are sharing our cat pictures, why not also share some cute pups? All fur babies are equal after all. Here's my pup licking leftovers of ice cream.
  6. I've been trying to potty train my cat. We are now at week 6. Weeks 1 -4 were fine, we just moved her litter box to the bathroom and removed the lid (she did NOT like the lid being removed and kept trying to cover the box with the bath rug or shower curtain). Week 5 we sat the box on top of the toilet and she now VERY grudgingly will use it, but we had to move the toilet paper because she was covering the box with an entire roll of unrolled TP every time she went. We have doubled the time for each step (2 weeks instead of 1) because she's very stubborn and spoiled, but I'm nervous about the next step, which is removing the box and replacing it with the litter tray sitting in the toilet. We tried this once before but she HATED it because it was flimsy and moved, which scared her. Now we have a very sturdy one, so I'm hoping it goes better. Has anyone here ever successfully potty trained a cat? Are there any tips for a skittish cat? Is it going to be a problem that we only have a single bathroom? Attached is a picture of my tortoiseshell Molly because she is adorable.
  7. My 7 year old, 145lb Saint Bernard, Rocco starred limping a couple of weeks ago. First visit to the vet was typical. We both assumed it was a soft tissue injury and the vet sent him home with a few days of pain meds and instructions to limit the rowdy playtime with his Saint sister, Sophie. 5 days later, back to the vet because he wasn't improving. X-rays this time, nothing to see in his paw as that was where he appeared to be feeling the pain. Another 5 days and we're off to see the specialist. She got a pain response from his shoulder. More x-rays. This time something showed up, it looks very fuzzy near the end of his leg by his shoulder. She said it was most likely cancer. She also mentioned that it could be extreme arthritis, but she didn't sound too convincing when she mentioned it as a possibility. Rocco went in for a biopsy yesterday and spent the night (so he can get IV pain meds.) I'll be bringing him home this morning. The test results won't be in until sometime between Saturday and Tuesday! Now I will be faced with the decisions about amputation, chemo and radiation. I will most likely persue all 3 since the outcome with only one or two of the options is not good at all. I've also been reading up on alternative medicine to use in conjunction with the traditional treatments. Artemix keeps popping up as treatment. I'll see what my vet has to say about it. Think healthy thoughts for Rocco please! Rocco is on the left in the picture, they were celebrating Sophie's birthday in March. I can get her to wear the hat for 3 or 4 minutes each year. Rocco wears the hat for about 12 seconds so no pics of him wearing it.
  8. This is Nova. She's 5 months old, and is establishing her purpose in life at our house. She's going to be getting a through vet check tomorrow, but at the moment, she's in the office, and the resident dog and cat are sitting at the office door, wondering WTF we've done, bringing another something into their home.
  9. Shadoewolf

    When one door closes

    Its been a very rough few weeks. After being gone for 2 weeks when my mom passed, hubby nearly killing himself in the throes of a manic episode, and facing eviction, I was at breaking point with stress. I happened to be in the kitchen when Jake (6 month old bully breed) decided to outright attack our cat Smokey. Luckily Smokey is ok, but between that and him taking a good snap at my 16 year old, that was it. He was sent to a bully rescue for rehab and rehoming. We were all pretty sad. Fast forward 2 nights ago to a frantic post on Craigslist asking for help. Puppies left in a dumpster in the inner city. It was cold and rainy and like 11 at night. Hubby and I responded, only to find 2 TINY little pups, covered in fleas and lethargic. The local rescue helped out, weighing them and giving us high calorie wet food to mix in their milk. We have 2 little girls, about 2.5 weeks old. One is black, the smaller of the two, we've named her Raven. The other is all white with one black spot on her ear, calling her Storm. Eyes are just barely open and they don't walk too well but so far so good! These are the youngest puppies we have ever rescued. They've had 2 Dawn baths and vet checked them today, they've each gained a few ounces and are pottying without help. My lil ladies have a long road but we're committed!
  10. Hi there - I am looking for chicken-raising info and advice. I want to get a portable coop/run ("chicken tractor") and have about 4 birds. Does anyone here have chickens? If so, are yours free-range or in a fenced area or in a tractor? Where do you put your chickens in the winter? TIA!!!
  11. I had to put my sweet 15 year old cat down today. It's been 12 hours and I can't stop crying. He was such a big part of my life, I'm having a really difficult time.
  12. This is my little squeaker, Josie. I found her living in my dad's garage the year I moved to Michigan. She was so tiny and scrawny but so sweet and affectionate that one night I couldn't take it any more, so I scooped her up, tossed her in my car, and took her home. Best decision I ever made. She never got much bigger - she's a runt. Even at going on six years old, she only weights five and a half pounds, but is the happiest and sweetest kitty. She purrs constantly, loves to be hugged and held, and has the tiniest little trilling chirp that you've ever heard. We think she sounds like a fax machine and not a cat. Oh, and she likes being a parrot.... Here she is with my MIL, and snuggling with Santino "Sonny" Corelone, her baby brother. And yes - she's wearing a Christmas sweater. And one with our other kitty, Lily.
  13. Gossamer1

    Pet stains

    Please share any tips or advice on cleaning pet stains here. My Saint Bernard, Rocco (discussed at great length in another thread ) has been having a LOT of accidents related to his chemo. Diarrhea episodes have been occurring more often these past few weeks. He still has two rounds of chemo left so I don't expect this problem to go away anytime soon. He is nice enough to have the accidents in the same area so he isn't trashing the whole house but still... My usual go to cleaners don't seem to be up to the task. I have tried Woolite Pet in my steam cleaner. I prefer not to use soap since it leaves a residue that just attracts more dirt. I have also tried baking soda and vinegar and sucking it up with the steam cleaner. That usually works well but there is still a stain. I also use Spot Shot when all else fails (it smells TERRIBLE ) and that has let me down too. I have also tried Oxy Clean, no improvement. Any other ideas Jingerites? Rocco's next chemo is Wednesday and I will ask them if they have any suggestions.
  14. Hubby finally decided it was time for me to have some help and daytime company since I'm still suffering from post concussion syndrome. This came to our house this week in the form of a 7 week old boxer/English Bulldog puppy. Who is cute and wrinkly and really smart, but I feel SO out of my element here! I've rescued pits and pit mixes, huskies, and GSD's with less stubborn temperament. Some of my usual training techniques work but others not at all. Biggest problem right now is he isn't potty trained yet (and at 7 weeks I don't expect him to be) and he HATES being crated at night. The neighbors must think we're killing him for all the racket he makes. If anyone has experience with boxers, any input/advice would be great!
  15. I know we have a quite a few greyhound owners or former grey owners here. As I love to talk about the joys of having Retired Racing Greyhounds, I thought I'd start a thread. They are fantastic dogs with a few quirky aspects to them. I have two greys at the moment. I've owned 4 since 20O3. They don't live long enough. Miss P, aged 13, is still with us after a major health scare last year. She is also a retired Therapy Dog. She is sweet, stubborn, and a real character as I've described elsewhere. She's a bit shaky in the rear but doing amazingly well today. Mr C, aged 8, ran 13 races in Florida and came last in all but one before being sent for adoption. Smart boy! Mr C is my anxious guy. He is also known as Epi-hound because we had a hard time getting his idiopathic epilepsy under control. He is a big black, friendly and social, adorable, goofy boy - but no cat would be safe around him. We also have Naughty Boy AKA Little Guy who is about 5 years old. He is not a grey but he is a needlenose. He's a smaller sighthound bred for hunting hare in Spain. He is also a certified Therapy Dog. Little Guy was a survivor, a rescue, a rehomed pup, and really had quite a life before he ended up with me. He is five times as naughty and energetic as any of my couch potatoes have ever dreamed of being. @SledCat So did you pick up your foster? How is it going?
  16. A new member that can't start their own topics yet asked me to start this thread. Talk about your horse love here
  17. The pacing. The drooling and shaking. It is just rain. When the thunder/lightning starts, Marbles loses her mind. She goes UNDER the bed she does not really fit under. Aside from a ThunderShirt, any other advice to calm her? Thank you.
  18. Most of us are probably familiar with Best Friends Animal Society and their shelter in Kanab, UT as well as their work to further animal welfare. In doing a little reading, however, it turns out they were originally started from a splinter group from the Scientology church -- a group of SPs who apparently had ties to Satan worship. Interesting wiki article about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Process_Church_of_The_Final_Judgment. In trying to do a little more reading to understand the current relationship between the animal work (which is a non-profit, FYI) and the "church" or the faith, as it were, I can't find much. Anyone have information on the current status of BF and it's relationship to a church or cult group? There is this, if you want to wade through the crazy.... I'm not sure how accurate it is.... http://www.thedogpress.com/Columns/BestFriends1_Jade-0610.asp I didn't find anything on Tony Ortega's site. (I don't remember if we have discussed this before - I did a search and couldn't find anything - if I am wrong please point me in the right direction!)
  19. Palimpsest

    R.I.P. Miss P

    Or hold us in the Light, pray, cross paws, or whatever floats your boat. We do need some positive thoughts though. My darling Miss P. (Retired Racing Greyhound, Beloved Companion, former Volunteer Therapy Dog Extraordinaire - now retired due to age and arthritis) vomited and then started bloody diarrhea 2 days ago. Nasty. She is under excellent vet care, is on antibiotics, probiotics, had sub.Q fluids today and came home. That is because my vet knows I will rush her to the E-Vet if she needs it and she will be happier at home. We have checked, no parasites. No ingestion of icky stuff, nothing obvious, and we have checked out all the usual suspects. Her two doggy brothers are fine. If she doesn't improve dramatically by tomorrow then she will be in hospital. I'm monitoring and while she is resting will be posting on other threads on FJ tonight, because she doesn't care if I'm on the computer so long as I'm in the same room. I'm worried. I know she is older, but she is not that old. I do not want to lose her anytime soon. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  20. OnceUponATime

    Who let the dogs out?

    I love animals. I also like pets. We currently do not own any pets. I have had many pets in the past. We have a neighborly cat that I am trying to tame, which is one of about 10 cats I have seen in my garden in the last 4 months. While my BF would like a pet, I'm a bit more hesitant. I have a few things that need doing before we get any pets that will come inside: paint the rest of the inside of the house, get me allergy tested and create a good way of being able to fully shut off the kitchen. There will be NO pets in my kitchen!!! It's bad enough when my hair gets in the food, we don't need any more hair floating around. We're currently pet sitting at the moment. We have a lovely border collie living with us. While I love her to bits, she is also giving me a reality check. Yeah, totally not ready for the level of energy draining and responsibility that pet owning comes with. Ah the responsibility, annoyances and joy of having pets. I have to make sure she has adequate water inside and outside every single day. She needs to be fed every single day (and she is eating a lot more this visit, so now we need to refill her feed supply). I guess she is feeling more at home now. I have to get out of bed on time to put her outside so she doesn't pee inside (it hasn't happened here yet, but I know with her that it can) To try and keep the neighbors happy I'm trying to teach her it is not OK to bark all day long when she doesn't get her way. Trying but failing. At least if I open the door she stops howling at the sirens. If I put her outside, even if she has asked to go outside, within 5 minutes she will be at the door whining. And she can whine for a very very long time. Telling her to stop works, but only for a minute. It is high pitch and annoys me, after half an hour she usually starts whine-yapping. I give in. If she is inside and I'm busy that is pretty much a guarantee that she will start to climb on me. As far as I know, I am not a jungle gym but apparently she didn't get that message. If she is happily lying on her mat (good girl!) and I move or make any sound, she thinks that is an invitation to play. Doggy-abuse. She socks me in the face if I don't pay enough attention to her. If I don't let her put her wet nose in my face she will use her paws to try and hold it down. If I'm holding a hot drink and can't pet her she will try to nudge it out of my hand. She will climb onto my lap and lie down making sure I can't see my lappy screen, thus keeping me from FJ The ultimate punishment. She sticks also her tongue in my ear. I mean really. How rude! Holding a pair of socks is apparently my way of telling her it's time to go for a walk. Her excitement meter breaks if she sees me grab a hoodie or a jacket. Amusingly she really does know the difference between items of clothing. If I grab a t shirt she looks at me, sighs and goes back to whatever she was doing. Usually me grabbing such things doesn't mean she gets to go for a walk. Cue the whines and yaps. I swear this dog is half human. She has the whole disgruntled act down pat. Even groans, sighs and grumbles as if she is human. You'd think I was telling her to go scrub the toilets, but no just to lie down and be quiet and stop bumping my damn arm! She is selectively deaf. If I tell her to play dead sometimes she will. Sometimes she won't. If she does and you do not scratch her belly she will try and paw you. If you are too far away she will try and jump off the ground from her back (I guess rolling over is too much work). It is quite amusing. She knows what "stay" is, but if she doesn't want to she will commando crawl up to you as if you can't see her (but she still expects attention). If you send her back to where she was, or point, or make a loud noise expect her to mope away like a forlorn kid who didn't get a jellybean. There may be a difference in opinion as to the area of the house the pooch is allowed in. Someone thinks she should be allowed to run into the kitchen if someone comes in the door. I strongly disagree! she knows the magic line. I just need to clear my throat when she is over it and she will come slinking back into the safe zone I lock the gate when I leave her (because it is possible she could learn to open it herself). If I hear any dog closer to where I am than she should be I get worried that she escaped. We didn't used to call her Houdini for nothing I don't like leaving her for long because of this, I'm always half expecting to have a crazy happy dog sprint up to me, spring onto my back making me face plant into the sidewalk, all while she is in the process of telling me just how happy she is to see me again (cue the dog kisses). The dirt. OMG the piles of dust she creates (part of why I have a kitchen rule!). I have swept the living room (where she stays) three times today. It is still fully of dust and grrr I don't want to clean properly because it'll just get straight back how it was once she comes in again. We have a few ditches that need filling up in our back yard. She loves running through them mudfest When I take her for a walk she insists on peeing on every piece of dog shit along the way. There were a lot. She didn't like me making her move on. I just wanted to get my windy walk over with. And no doubt she'll be ready to go on another one in a few minutes I won't be. Having to find dog sitters must suck. I don't know because I've never tried but it is one of the reasons I don't really want to get a pet. If you're gone for a bit you need to have someone take care of them. Now we can just go away for a few days without really caring about all that stuff. She has a boyfriend he lives next door. Thankfully they run a lot of energy off together running up and down the fence line. She has been acting a bit weird towards him lately. I hope she isn't gearing up for a visit from aunt flo. Dogs/pets to me are a bit like kids. I mean I usually like them and get on fine, but at the end of the day I sure am glad when I can give them back. This blog comes to you because I'm dog sitting. Just as well that damn dog sleeps better this time and is so damn cute
  21. ILoveJellybeans

    Christmas presents for pets

    Does anyone else get their pets Christmas presents? Last year, my kitty got a pre packaged kitty stocking with cat treats, a ball and catnip. She found it a few weeks before Christmas and had a catnip party late at night. She also got a can of posh cat food, to match the meat we are having for Christmas dinner. This year, I got a small cardboard box and filled it with cat stuff-four tins of fancy cat food (one each), a few packs of cat treats, catnip and various cat toys
  22. This woman just pisses me off. It is your responsibility to take care of your Dogs. Letting them learn a lesson in obedience through death seems, well, useless!! Note: There is a picture of the dead dog on the blog, so please be warned. http://quiveroftheking.blogspot.ca/2014/07/spritzer.html " We are not sure who ended Spritzers life but he made a choice that clearly was not wise and now he is suffering the consequences.... DEATH!!" " We gathered the children around and they learned some lessons on obedience and the choices that they make and where each choice can lead. Even though we miss Spritzer we had a good learning experience once again..." Annoying?Just wrong? Well wait it gets better. One year and one month later...... http://quiveroftheking.blogspot.ca/2015/08/mitzis-last-moments.html she crossed the road because she felt that she had rights and privileges to do so. It was the choice that would cost her her life I got to spend some time talking to her and sympathizing with the choice that she had made Grant to the rescue... he got the tractor and put her in the scoop and nicely dumped her in her grave! Oh Grant you are a prince. I think someone is not learning their lessons and it is not your kids. Even worse, she then goes on in another blog post to talk about her LITTLE kids coloring in a busy parking lot. Sitting on the ground behind a truck... NOTE: Sorry if this family has been touched on, I have never heard of them before. Please merge/delete me if this is a duplicate.
  23. I'm still going through old emails and while I am normally loathe to post a picture that contains even a small part of me in it, I decided that this one that my husband snapped while I was napping was an exception. The girls mostly love the recliner because there is room for all of them to fit comfortably without having to lay on top of each other or too close to each other like they did when they all wanted in my lap in a desk chair. They all get along really well and will cuddle up with each other, but when I am involved there is a lot of jealousy. Baqardi (top) thinks that she is the only dog that needs lap privileges and will jump up on my lap and growl at either of the others who were already on my lap. She thinks the closer to my face she is the better, so if someone else is laying higher up on me, she will clamber over them and sit on my neck/shoulder to claim me. Daiquiri is on the left, on a pillow I have set up just for the dogs. It's essentially filling the space between me and the arm of the chair so they have a nice flat, soft place to lay. Tequila is on the foot of the recliner, which is her favorite spot. She rarely tries to get up higher, she's happy to just sit/lay by my feet.
  24. Curious

    The Girls

    Another email clean up picture. I wanted to post this one because I mentioned that all 3 girls will cuddle with each other when I am not involved. This also gives you an idea how big they are. They are all 3 laying on the arm of our couch.
  25. Below is a picture of my eldest Chihuahua, Tequla. She wanted me to post to show you all how incredibly hard it is to live with me. She is very put upon and wants you all the see her struggle! Being the good dog slave that I am, I followed orders!
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