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Nobel Call Organization. KonMari Is safe.

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Organization! KonMari is safe.


I'm not a Duggar watcher but folks say this character is the one who asked Jimbob to put the end of a piece of rebar on his Adam's apple (that's not a euphemism).

Anyway. As a naturally disorganized person, I'm always on the prowl for tips on getting things set up for tidiness, economy & efficiency. When this part of Rebar Man's website showed up, I had to watch. I will be tickled to read any comments you all have, and now I lend my own.

Poor Mrs.  Rebar is more tongue-tied than I've ever seen a woman, even a full-on IBLP Helpmeet.  At least Mr. doesn't tilt his chin up So he can litetally look down his nose at her, as JimBob Fuggar does to his Mrs.

They're so reaching for ideas: disposable cups & dishes and plastic flatware.  They make some common sense remarks about not expecting the same thing from a very young child as they would an older sibling--a nod, I suppose, to blanket training and first-time obedience being cumulative.

Nope, Ms. Marie Kondo of the KonMari practice of tidying up has no competition here.  And now I'm off to pick up where I left off in reading her follow-up book. 

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Oh brother. Fundies can make anything about God and Jesus, can't they? Nine points to discuss with the family about putting food away? Alrighty then. The missus seems drugged, which would explain a lot. 

I read Marie Kondo's book and almost needed surgery to rescue my eyes from where they'd rolled to the back of my head. Some good ideas, yes, but all I kept thinking was "GET SOME THERAPY, STAT!" I don't think I'll be thanking my shoes for their service anytime soon. Or emptying my handbag, putting each thing away as I thank them too, then putting it all back INTO my handbag in the morning. Yeah, Marie, THERAPY!

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Without the fundy veneer, this makes perfect sense.  I was also happy to read that ALL the kids were responsible for cooking and cleanup, including the boys.  10 kids total, with one not (yet?) able to help.  Kids preparing food.  Everyone sitting down to eat a meal together.  Exploring different cuisines. Chopsticks! A tangine! Woks! 

Of course with all things fundy, they screw it by, um, being fundy.  Read on.  

The ending is utterly flucked, with dad talking about how authority flows to him from above and THAT'S WHY THE WHOLE THING WORKS, and that's why kids sometimes don't listen to a mom -- she doesn't have ultimate authority, doncha know.  Of course, if he had one shred of simple decency in his body, he'd lower the boom on kids not respecting their mother.  Tragically for her, she's lacing a dick, so she's outta luck in the respect dept. 

Although this woman has terrible problems expressing herself, I suspect it's due to being raised as a Gothard woman who has been totally robbed of all confidence in herself.  She reminds me of Priss and other women I've heard who don't have normal speech patterns, but talk in a very soft and childlike way.  It comes from a lifetime of brutal self policing to come across as inoffensive and as brainless to males as humanly possible.  

If you can stand to listen, some of her statements end with a distinctively higher pitch at the end, as though her statement is actually a question.  No declarative sentences allowed!

KonMari follow up book?  AWESOME! 

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