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The Armor of Light (documentary)

Seven Severn

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This is why we are deeply concerned that American evangelicals, who should be led by the good news of God’s saving love for humanity, are instead being led astray by a popular gun culture that contradicts the teaching and model of Jesus and the Apostles.

The increased presence of firearms among American evangelicals, including pastors that are now armed in the pulpit and ready to shoot into the congregation if necessary, signals a serious moral crisis in the church that deeply concerns us.  Just as concerning is the often acerbic language that comes from certain corners of our evangelical community which promotes individual  Christian’s “arming up” and taking justice into their own hands by “killing and striking first before being killed or struck.”


Cue a shitstorm from the NRA in 3..2..1 

So glad someone is finally addressing the cognitive dissonance inherent in a Jesus following/gun obsessed culture. 

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It is an interesting concept, but I'm not sure we are at a place in this country where we can have a rational discussion about guns. Guns are practically a religion and are worshiped right up there with the Bible. 

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