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God Loves Uganda


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I just realized that the thread I replied to was archived which means almost no one will see it, but I really want to talk about this now.

I'm actually not even halfway through at the moment, but I think this is definitely the kind of thing that a lot of FJers would find interesting.

The documentary is called God Loves Uganda and is available on Netflix.

Here's the previous thread about it, where others have posted their thoughts: viewtopic.php?f=142&p=991617#p991617

And here's the trailer:

Again, I would really encourage anyone who can see this and hasn't yet to watch this.

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Why do christians ruin everything. Why the hell are you going to another country trying to force your beliefs on people? Theyre deliberately targeting a poor country with an undereducated population to spread this bullshit. Instead of actually helping they're watching people starve and die.

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I finished it. There was one scene that particularly frustrated me where this missionary couple was driving around a bunch of young people on a mission trip. They stopped and bought chicken from a street vendor but also had to harass everyone around them about whether they know Jesus or not. This one girl looked very uncomfortable and finally admitted she's Muslim. The missionaries just told everyone that they needed to be reading the Bible and if they weren't doing it they're doing something wrong.

Also, towards the very beginning there were people talking about what they wanted to accomplish with Ugandan orphans, and one girl said she'll be happy if they can teach the orphans how to pray. Those orphans really don't need groups of strangers coming through, teaching them what's wrong with them, and then leaving.

One Ugandan pastor talked about his frustrations that these Americans come in and because they're white they have a lot more influence than people like him who disagree with what they're doing.

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