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Male Blogger "Going for Broke"


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This guy looks like a new one! I came across this guy when I was searching for Steve Shearsby, the guy who edited some of the 19 Kids and Counting episodes.

He has a ministry for teaching people about Jesus and coffee through Barista Banter presentations. He has a few videos on Youtube for those of us not in Australia: youtube.com/channel/UCI02z9QiqLsVrw89hPef65w

He also has a Childrens ministry. Videos here: antonsantics.com. Check out "Discovering Antons Antics" Apparently this song and dance is supposed to be appropriate for kids aged five to twelve... What is it with Fundies and lumping older kids in with kids who still have memories of being in a crib and diapers?

He isn't as extreme as some Christian bloggers. His female daughters wear pants and it seems like they have a TV in the house. The dad is concerned that "your kid could be watching Masterchef and during the ad break they’ll be exposed to alcohol advertising or other inappropriate content. It means that you will have a lot of trouble keeping younger kids off PG programs, so they’ll just have to grow up quicker" (stephenshearsby.com/blog/?p=578)

His newest entry is "Can we say cancer is a blessing? –revisited #2" (stephenshearsby.com/blog/?p=612) Oh golly; so this isn't the first time he's talked about this.

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This is the sort of guy my ex-sister-in-law would be all over - nominally Anglican, worldly, big on coffee, but parrots the Australian Christian Lobby's talking points as if they're worthy of my brainpower. Just arrogant enough to convince people they should listen to him. No. Thanks. :hand:

I can't imagine anyone in their right mind enjoying this, though:


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