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Bernette Chicago 7 -- ??s re Embroidery machines


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My WONDERFUL husband bought me a Bernette Chicago for Christmas! I have sewn for many years (my 16th bd gift was a Singer sewing machine {not a car....} and I have, after over 20 years, worked this machine to death with home projects, quilting, etc., and it was time for another - what an upgrade!) but never with a machine that does embroidery. I would LOVE any suggestions from anyone who has an embroidery machine and sites that offer downloads affordably. Any free stuff available? Also sites that offer supplies affordably? I have yet to schedule my "orientation" at the sewing shop but have used it a few times and know that I need better thread for the embroidery and also other supplies. Would love any help!!!!


(YAY for more sewing! Can you tell I am excited!?!)

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