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Lindsay's "Logic"


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.....on pro-choice is amusing (to me at least).

I'd like to comment further, but my connection is temperamental. So, here's the link:


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They only apply this issue of choice to a woman’s pregnancy. But it can’t be the choice to have the baby they’re talking about. Everyone agrees that a woman has a right to choose to have her baby. It can’t be the choice to put the baby up for adoption. No one disagrees with that choice either. So what is the choice that differentiates the two sides? What choice is it that the "pro-choice" crowd is in favor of? It's the choice to have an abortion. The fundamental issue is that "pro-choice" people think it is okay to make the choice to abort, and that makes them pro-abortion.

The choice to give birth means nothing if you can't choose to not give birth. It's like consent in any other context: if I can't say "no," then my "yes" is meaningless.

That said, I don't mind being called pro-abortion.

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Actually, not everybody *does* agree that every woman should have a right to reproduce. Check out the comments to any article about welfare or food stamps. If anybody mentioned in the article has more than one child (and sometimes if they only have one), people will fall all over themselves to say how irresponsible it was, how anybody who might ever be in a tough financial situation should either be sterilized or refrain from having sex. And sure, you probably shouldn't have seventeen children while unemployed, but having three children and then losing your job is hardly what I would call massively irresponsible.

And it's not just food stamps. Profiles of parents with disabilities get much the same response, even if the parents in question have a steady income and are capably and competently caring for their children. And I have *personally* heard somebody say, in front of the child in question, that a woman whose child has Down's syndrome should have aborted. I didn't listen to the rest of the conversation, but never in my life would I tell somebody to their face, out of nowhere, that I knew better than they did about their reproductive options.

So, yeah. And when it comes to abortion, I'd much rather nobody ever has to get an abortion, because in my ideal world the more reliable forms of birth control are free and easy to obtain, and also the law allows for generous parental leave, free medical care, and free, quality preschool starting at age 2 or so. I don't think abortion is a moral issue, I just think it is easier to prevent pregnancies and make children affordable.

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