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Empowered Traditionalist blog-- article on Manhood


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Christa at Empowered Traditionalist (sister of Lindsay from Passionate Homemaking) has posted an interesting piece on "The End of Men". Tell me your thoughts. When I left a comment on the post, question the view that "it's all the women's fault", I was banned from the blog. :-)

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God, their names are so cringe-worthy! "Empowered Traditionalist," especially. That's like calling yourself "The Temperate Wino" or "The Portly Beanpole."

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Here is a quote from the conclusion of the post:

Manhood gone AWOL

I was disappointed in the conclusion Rosin presented. It was something along the lines of “Well, let’s hope men will learn to adapt and be more malleable to meet the demandâ€. Frankly, that sounds depressingly insufficient. What is the solution Hanna? Send all the adolescents off to book-camp to get some spine?

Across the board we are seeing a collapse of manhood. Dr. Al Mohler in his article “The End of Men? A Hard Look at the Future†questions:

“How do we prepare the church to deal with such a world while maintaining Biblical models of manhood and womanhood? Christians, had better know that matters far more important than economics are at stake. These trends represent nothing less than a collapse of male responsibility, leadership, and expectations. The real issue here is not the end of men, but the disappearance of manhood.â€

The one comfort that rallies in my heart is anchored to the church. As long as the faithful patriarchs teach men how to be men, raising up boys to sacrifice and lead, there will be always true leadership. Put down the video games, lay aside the remote, and lead their wives and children.

On the flip side perhaps women should find contentment where they have forsaken it? Yes, this is completely politically incorrect, flying in the face of feminist thought. Yet for all the fanfare and success, I see a lot of frazzled women. The demands of both worlds are relentless. The stress-load is not a very convincing argument for women’s liberation.

Success or happiness? Contentment at home or Power in the square? Perhaps a mix of both? If there is to be a resurrection of manhood, womanhood will then be the ones to adapt.

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