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A Quiverful mom that doesn't have to be perfect...


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This family has been posted about here at least once before.






Do they mean, "How do you take care of 9 kids while staying sane?"


If so, I don't.


Do they mean, "How do you get everything done?"


If so, I don't.


Do they mean, "How do you parent 9 kids with such grace and composure?"


Ha, ha, ha! If so, I don't.


I am crazy.



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The girls play with Legos and wear shorts. The family includes more than one clearly adopted child, and while the focus on supporting her husband and then raising her kids and THEN homeschooling them concerns me a bit, basically this looks like a happy, big family.

Of course, I only read two blog entries. But thanks for bringing it to my attention! I like happy.

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