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Since Taryn has not co-operated with our requests for her to start a blog I have collected all of her comments from ZsuZsu's blog in one handy place. If you know of any other blogs she rambles on, please share. I have put ZsuZsu's posts at the top of the quote box with Taryn's comment inside. I have also included ZsuZsu's response (if they are interesting, but never fear, even Taryn's sane comments are here). I have not included other responses to her becuase no one really cares and her responses make just as much sense without it. I have also put a brif summary of what Taryn commented on of ZsuZsu's post in brackets beside the name so you know what is going on.

Part One:

Oh Suzanna [becky sings a song incorrectly]

That is so cute. It reminds me of homeschooler Mary Pride's book-All the Way Home-chapter 8-Is There Life After TV? Then there's a book I want to read,The Plug-in Drug by Marie Winn(1985). answersingenesis has a book, Remote Control by Carl Kerby that we have. Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman-1985 is one we also have. My children had the Wee Sing Bible Songs,etc. CDs and songbooks.

At weesing.com they have Wee Sing in the Car CD and songbook that has the song Oh Susanna(approximately $10). Rainbowresource sells a few in the series for a little less.

Our 4th of July Weekend [Atheists are evil and cars cook hotdogs]

That's what it's all about-making memories. We read out of the Abeka and Landmark Freedom 11th grade American history books where they list the churches that supported the Patriots and the ones that supported King George. I also remember each time our sons turned 18 and we had 30 days to take them to the Post Office to register them for the Selective Service. Now you can register online. On the drive back home I gave them a history lesson about the MIAs during the Vietnam war. What a great cloud picture. I remember living in South Florida and experiencing my first storm there. The Palm trees were bending and almost touching the ground. The rain downpour is heavier there than on Long Island. New York houses have leaders and gutters for the rain. I was 18 and "with child". My husband was at work. It was dark outside in the afternoon. I was a Bible Christian-married in the Baptist church-so I had that "...peace of God, which passeth all understanding..."(Philippians 4:7).

Missing in Action [ZsuZsu has to put up maps in her house]

I like maps(and timelines). I have a map of Long Island in the dining room. We also have those learning placemats(rainbowresource). The timeline at Rod and Staff looks good($14).

We have a good timeline. I can't remember where we bought it. I threw out the Christian Liberty Press lesson planning books I used every year, homeschooling since 1985(This was our last year), where I wrote everything down. I may have confused the Kent Hovind videos we saw with the Moody ones(rainbowresource sells them separately). I think I bought our timeline with Lifetime books and gifts(for homeschoolers),but I don't see it there now. It was $6 years ago. The ones I see there now are expensive. Rainbowresource also has timelines.

Christian Liberty Press has a timeline packet($17)-grades 9-12. I recently bought a $5 laminated Quick Study at CBD when I ordered the Duggar's new book. It's called, America The 50 States. It has a US map and a chart of the 50 states with each state's song,bird, flower,etc. Bob Jones has a homeschool book with the same info available at rainbowresource but I think it's about $14 there. I gave our BJUP book about the states to a family in our church with many children. It was fun, giving away our home-education books through the years. II Cor. 9:7 KJ-"...for God loveth a cheerful giver."

Your Tax Dollars At Work [Planned Parenthood is evil, a commenter says it is a necessary evil]

The Bible-King James-is not set in an ideal world. I am 55 and I have never been forced to sin. Just as slavery was abolished, abortion should be abolished. Sometimes people argue about abortion like the pro-slavery people in the 19th century did. There's a William Wilberforce biography at keepersofthefaith.com and many other books that we of the 21st century should read-Booker T. Washington's autobiography, One Race,One Blood(answersingenesis)that speaks of the evolution-believing slave owners,etc. The evolutionists today are pro-abortion. I pray for the killing of unborn babies to be abolished. I was conceived before marriage and would have been aborted if it was legal-I know that to be a fact. I have a "mixed" granddaughter-full disclosure. I pray for the captives to be set free(Luke 4:18 KJ).

I just saw a book titled unPLANNED by Abby Johnson(with Cindy Lambert). She was a director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas. She walked across the street and joined the Coalition for Life.

I talk babytalk, and I wear no bike helmet [the most dangerous mother contest]

I grew up not wearing a bike helmet so I'm not a fan of them. I don't know what the laws here for bike helmets are.I also don't like that you can't buy a new(ish) car witout an air bag. I'm short and heard they can do more harm than good for people who have the seat close to the steering wheel in a fender-bender. I also don't think you should get a ticket for not wearing a seat belt-this is America. My son has a classic car that doesn't have seat belts or an air bag. Rear-facing infant car seats bother me. I know, I saw the films. None of our children had them. I couldn't wait for my granddaughter to weigh 20 pounds so she could face forward. She stopped crying in the car seat that day. I don't like that there's video cameras at every other light. They say it's for our own safety. I don't think so. I talk baby talk to our babies and grandbabies. I thought everyone did. Everyone in our world does. And I think the new cribs may be more dangerous than the old ones. You can't lower the mattress enough if you're a short parent.

We don't have a changing table either-for our 5 granddaughters. We do have a changing pad on an extra bed. I change one granddaughter on the couch. One granddaughter likes to be changed on the extra bed. Another granddaughter likes to be changed on the floor. My son says he will get me one but I'm fine without it. I would be fine without the crib but my daughter wants it. I prefer using a playpen in the bedroom for the baby(17 months) to sleep in. She prefers sleeping in the beds with us(that's where she mostly sleeps). All this baby furniture,etc. is not necessary. I have to say though that I would not buy a trampoline-they make me nervous.

My son put those plastic things in the outlets when I started watching his daughter. I told him to leave one empty at each end of the house for the vacuum. He also put locks on the 6 bottom kitchen cabinets but I asked him to not put them on the drawers. When our children were young we didn't have those cabinet locks. When our granddaughters open the drawers I tell them not to and they do listen. We did have to put a high lock on the front door for our older daughter when she was younger. My oldest son use to take horse riding lessons and he wore a helmet. I just don't want anyone telling me I have to wear a bike helmet or seat belt(I do wear one). My second son quit football because the helmet bothered him. I remember our 4 sons stopped wearing their bike helmets as soon as the law allowed.

In New York the law says anyone under 14 riding a bicycle must wear a bike helmet.

Our county changed the bike helmet law a few years ago we just found out. Most people we talked with didn't know it. Now in our county in New York those under 18 have to wear a bike helmet when riding a bicycle. The state law only requires those under 14 to wear one.

Anna Eating

My granddaughter(17 months) and I enjoyed watching these. I like the Bible name,Anna. We have a granddaughter named Hannah and our 5th granddaughter was born last week-Morgan Hope(Her older sister's name is Reagan Faith-2 years old). This gender thing reminds me again why we should use the word-children. I took out books from the library about marketing to children, years ago. The marketing industry likes the word -kids. I wonder what our Lord thinks of that word(Matthew 25:33 KJprofe). We also say the word "okay" too much and there's a history behind that-form the sign with your hand-what 3 numbers do you see.

I don't know what that-profe-is after KJ. I was holding my baby granddaughter so maybe some letters were pressed.

The Baby Book by William and Martha Sears encourages "motherease"(p.449)-or what many call baby talk.

Summer in Pheonix [it's hot}

I take my granddaughter for walks in the stroller. We don't have sidewalks. The neighborhood I grew up in here on Long Island has sidewalks. The only thing I don't look forward to is that she cries everytime we arrive back home. It is slightly hilly here so I get a workout.

Camping Trip

This reminded me of the picture book-When I Was Young in the Mountains. It also reminded me of that true Australian story about the Seventh-Day Adventist woman and the Meryl Streep movie about it. She received money from the Australian government. Please be careful. I know there are no dingoes in America but we still need to be careful. My son recently found some deer ticks on him(Lyme disease) here on Long Island. I told him to stay out of the woods and tall grass. We know a few people that had to go on antibiotics.

A Godly Heritage [be Godly parents so kids can get a leg up in life]

I do like that in the last chapter of Job he gave an inheritance to his 7 sons and 3 daughters.

I am re-reading Voddie Baucham's(Baptist) book,What He Must Be...If he wants to marry my daughter. It goes along with the message of this post. It's not just about the future husband of our daughters. It's about marriage,raising our sons,the legacy of our homes,etc.

I was told years ago that the reason there were so many men teachers at one point was that -that was a major that put them last on the draft list during the Vietnam War.

Odds 'n Ends [kids room is decorated]

Please be careful with that trunk. The reason new toyboxes are made so that they aren't totally sealed is because children climbed in them and were found later. Fingers don't get hurt on the new toyboxes,as well. I am not a fan of balloons(I don't allow them in our home-with the grandchildren) but those look great. I don't like bunk beds but those look very nice. I prefer captain's beds with drawers or mattresses underneath the bed. One of my granddaughters(16m.) is constantly getting hurt falling off the sofas. We're teaching her the correct way to get down from them but if it was up to me I would remove the couches. So now with 5 granddaughters(the 5th due any day) I dream about designing a child-proof house-no stairs,walls with round corners,etc.

Proverbs 25:25 KJ- "As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country"(or state).

Q & A answers, part III [takes suggestions for parenting books]

Is the Duggar's book considered a parenting book? Then there's Rick Boyer's books-Yes, They're All Ours and The Socialization Trap. Marilyn and Rick Boyer's web site is thelearningparent.com and their books are at amazonbooks. I like All The Way Home(Power for your Family to be its Best) by Mary Pride.

Correct me if I'm wrong but don't the Reformed theology people infant baptize? Don't they believe in Redeeming the holidays(Halloween,etc.)? I did hear recently about some Reformers who don't carve pumpkins,etc. on Halloween. Aren't the Reformers the Christians who are very patriotic(Imperialists?)-like David Barton? I don't use their history books in our homeschool. I did buy some years ago-Peter Marshall's-and didn't like them. Don't the Reformers use the modern corrupt Bible versions and are not King James Only like I am? They are Calvinists. I can't think of anything else. Names come to mind like D. James Kennedy(Gospel in the Stars),Presbyterians, Billy Graham's wife(Presbyterian,not Baptist like her husband)-Isn't Billy Graham's grandson now Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian? Don't they also have alcohol in their homes?

How Selflessly Loving I am [kayaks]

You have a beautiful Arizona backyard.

It's called jumping cholla for a reason [kid is attacked by a cactus]

I was going to comment on the blessings of a backyard then ended up on the internet reading about how front yard is 2 words and backyard(?) is a compound word.1) We lived in a 5th-floor apartment until my parents bought a house in the 1960s($18,000-4bedroom/2bath). I was 8 when we moved and our parents put in a backyard concrete patio that we rode our bicycles on even though we lived in a court(cul-de-sac) with sidewalks. 2) I still think my children's best backyards were when we didn't have swings or a pool. I stopped visiting people at a certain point and let them just visit us. I had 3 boys first then the 2 girls then Michael(18). I even stopped visiting on the phone early on. We belonged to a homeschool support group for one year in South Florida(went on one of their field trips-what was I thinking) and a co-op for one year here on Long Island. I should add that I always received compliments on our children's behavior but it was overwhelming for me. The boys ran up a dirt hill,etc. as soon as they could.

Randomness [ZsuZsu gets presents]

What a great gift real maple syrup is! Yes, babies are priceless. I have a childhood friend that stopped speaking with me because I asked her to explain why she believes Harold Camping. I was sincerely interested. I heard it's suppose to be at 6PM. He did this before.

Q & A - Answers, Part 1 [ZsuZsu answers how her kids will meet a life partner]

I prefer the word "courting" and not "dating". A young girl told me recently that her grandmother would be mad if she didn't raise her children Catholic. I asked her why she was "dating" a non-Catholic. All the girls I've met who are "dating" are on the birth-control pill and they call their ex-boyfriend their "ex"( they believe there is nothing wrong with divorce and remarriage). When I hear someone is "courting"(in a courtship) it means they are not on the "pill" and there is an intent of marriage-not living together beFORe marriage(FORnication-I Cor.6 KJ). I don't see the two words as synonyms.

Hello? Is anybody home? [Zsu blogs irregularly

I have been busy on the home school web sites looking at preschool books for our 4-year-old granddaughter. I recommended Christian Liberty Press for Preschool(about $50). Then I recommended CLP with Abeka(history,art,music,health,science) for kindergarten and first grade. We like the Rod and Staff readers(grades 1-4). I advised getting the Spectrum Test Prep Booklets at Seton Testing and ordering the test at Seton in April. To simplify- 4 web sites to start the home education journey as I am ending ours next month with our youngest child(18). Homeschooling since 1985 we have tried almost everything. I liked Landmark Freedom's Champion Phonics Reader to teach reading. Abeka's and CLP's Handbooks for Reading to teach reading were good as well-and they're each under $20. CLP uses Bob Jones's Writing and Grammar-and Modern Curriculum Press math. I learned much at keepersofthefaith.com and cut out some articles in their catalog for my daughter-in-law. My granddaughters have enjoyed the photos you posted.

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins [Obama is a big fat liar]

I agree with you. Thank you for making me laugh. I showed my son(18) your post. My daughter,Angela, called me two nights ago and told me that our third son,Jonathan,texted and asked if I was watching the news-at about 11:30 at night-May 1st. When was the last time a President gave a speech that late? I called a Christian friend in Kentucky the next day-she agrees with us.

Stanley Ann had a child-Barack Hussein Obama(called Barry by family and friends)-with a non-citizen. The law required any U.S. citizen having a child with a non-citizen to have been physically present in the U.S. for at least 5 years after the age of 16 to automatically transmit citizenship. source:worldnetdaily

The point is that neither parent could confer American citizenship to their child so President Obama can only be a U.S. citizen if he was born in the U.S. and could prove it. I thought that was understood so I didn't add the last sentence to my previous comment. I agree with Zsuzsanna's comment. I think it was interesting that Obama was involved with the demand of McCain's birth certificate,etc. (worldnetdaily-April 29,2011 article).

It is "funny"/strange that Obama and Osama are alike.In fact, on the tv show The View they showed all the tv anchors reading teleprompters and saying Obama instead of Osama. Our tv scroll had the name spelled Usama on Monday then it was changed to Bin Laden on Tuesday. They said the teleprompters for the news anchors had to be changed,as well, so there wouldn't be any mistakes. Even the ladies on The View were discussing the strangeness and problem with the names being similar.

I agree with anonymous about worldnetdaily except for this topic. It is a starting point for some to do further research. For instance, an article there says that President Obama was registered as an Indonesian citizen when he lived in Indonesia. That would prompt one to confirm or not confirm this. Another article says that he was registered as Barry Soetoro when registered as an attorney-another research prompt. On Book TV and worldnetdaily an author claims Obama did not write his book and suggests someone else did and names him.

I have a "mixed" granddaughter. Her father(black) and my daughter(white) both say she is white. My granddaughter has plenty of melanin in her skin. We don't believe in the evolution concept of races. Acts 17:26 KJ Bible says we are "one blood". My daughter says the President is white. History proves the evolutionists are racist. The Creation Museum in Kentucky shows Adam and Eve as medium brown(the amount of melanin in their skin). There is a book called One Race One Blood by a black man-A. Charles Ware and Ken Ham. I agree with Zsuzsanna's last comment.

Easter/Resurrection Sunday [food...mmm]

We have a turkey dinner on Sunday. One son and his family bring the soda. Another brings the dessert. Our autism-spectrum high-functioning beautiful daughter(28) is home for the weekend(She lives in a group home nearby). We have two recent birthdays for the two youngest of our 6 so we celebrate their birthdays. We enjoy the granddaughters. We had the KJ Bible at the table after dinner(1 PM so our older children could visit their in-laws after) and we read where Jesus spoke about Jonah and the whale(Matthew 12:40KJ). We also reviewed our chart that says Jesus died on Wednesday at about 3PM and rose on Saturday(?) before sunset. We do not celebrate Herod's Easter-(Acts 12 KJ).

I forgot to add that my daughter(21) helped me-making the mashed potatoes,etc. Aren't daughters wonderful-we have 2. We trusted the Lord and He gave us 6 children(my mother-in-law had 9-trusting the Lord). I forget if I said Jesus rose before sunset(72 hours after Wednesday's death/burial). 6PM-6AM and 6AM-6PM days and nights that we learned about from Messianic believers. I still am learning/questioning about this.

Thank goodnes she remembered to add that there was help with the mashed potatos!

If you give a mom a trailer... [Zsu gets a sandbox]

Here I go again-sorry- but when we had a sandbox,years ago, we bought sand just for sandboxes. It was pesticide-free,asbestos-free,etc. Our sandbox had a top because when we didn't have a dog for a few years we had to watch that the neighborhood cats wouldn't use it for a litter box.

Big Little Felt Universe [kids participate in heathen sports]

Our children took kickboxing because of a friend of theirs but then we took them out-it became too much like the martial arts. Our sons were aggressive enough. My Bible concordance says fist fighting-punishment of:Exodus 21:18,19-we don't like boxing. We don't celebrate April Fool's Day/All Fool's Day-Matthew 5:22(KJ),Eph.5:4(KJ),Eph.6:11(KJ),I John 3:7(KJ),etc. Do you celebrate May Day-May 1st? Pranks remind me of Halloween tricks-"trick or treat". We don't celebrate Halloween.I remember years ago my atheist uncle called me up and told me the family had fun playing a board game and that I wouldn't like it because it taught the art of lying. I don't remember the name of that game. PTL

One reason I threw out the Alpha Omega Publications high school P.E. book a few years ago(I appreciated your post about Alpha Omega Publications,etc.-March 2010) was because it promoted yoga,etc. I put martial arts and yoga in the same catagory. I couldn't even put the book in our homeschool giveaway box. The Christian book-A Time of Departing-has a chapter on yoga,etc. Cathy Burns's book on symbols discusses martial arts and the yin/yang symbol(where the paisley design comes from).

ZsuZsu's response:

Taryn, I see nothing wrong in playing pranks and having fun. The seed packet said to plant the "seeds" in a cereal bowl and cover with milk, but Miriam wanted to plant them.

As for the kickboxing, it is actually a style called muay thai, something my husband used to be very active in himself, and has just recently taken up again. He was careful to chose a gym that does not at all promote Eastern mysticism. Men learning to fight with their hands is very biblical:

Psa 18:34 He teacheth my hands to war, so that a bow of steel is broken by mine arms.

Also see II Sam 22:35 and Ps 144:1

"Unto the pure all things are pure" is my motto on matters like these - there are enough commands in the Bible to obey, I will not spend any time digging through manuals on witchcraft and agonize over every aspect of life, in hopes of finding something remotely pagan about it just so I can exclude it in the future. We do not celebrate Halloween because it is obviously satanic, but that hardly relates to playing practical jokes. I am NOT a puritan who thinks it is a sin to have fun and laugh.

Bible Reading Help [One year bible, probably KJ!!!]

My family has been using this Bible for years. We keep it on the kitchen counter next to the phone. Christian Light Publications has it in their catalog for about $25. I like the Abeka KJV Bibles in their homeschool catalog. One is about $12 for grades 1-2 and the other one(3-12) says easy-to-read type-$12.25. It says Holy Bible on the cover. We also use the Cambridge large print KJV Bible.

Our politically incorrect children [Zsu trains her kids to be meanies to little neighbour boy]

This reminds me of an incident that happened in the early eighties before I heard of the concept of home education in 1985. I had two sons in the government school in South Florida (our back gate opened to the school property). The school sent home a letter for the parents to sign giving permission for the school to give the children a flouride rinse in a little cup at their desks-and the parents were told to remind the children not to swallow. My children were the only students in the school that weren't going to participate because I wouldn't sign the paper. The day of the rinse our youngest son told his first-grade classmates that it was poison! He was right and maybe next time the students brought home a paper for the parents to sign, the children questioned the parents about it.

There are many books on homeschooling: The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto-a teacher, any books by Mary Pride, The Harsh Truth about Public Schools by Bruce Shortt, Public Education Against America by Marlin Maddoux,No Regrets by Alexandra Swann(she and her 9 siblings were home educated and earned their high school diplomas by age 11/12 and masters degrees by age 16),etc.

Update [Zsu gets Settlers of Catan]

Psalm 118:24 KJV-Happy Birthday. I don't know about that game.I don't like the name and the review mentions hexes. It looks like a New Age game. Have you ever heard of the boardgame-Wordigo(ages 8 and older). It's like Scrabble but you don't have to wait your turn-the pace is faster.

Pages 134-139 of Cathy Burn's book, Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated(libertytothecaptives.net) goes into the bee and beehive symbols. The book also goes into geometric shapes used by the New Agers. The peace symbol,etc. is discussed as well.

My children and I watched a Moody science video that showed a person breastfeeding a baby monkey. We never watched another one. galatiansfour.blogspot.com has a February post on the symbols of bees and beehives.

ZsuZsu replies to the crazy (only relevant portion):

As far as the game being appropriate or not, I must agree with the anonymous commenter that saying a hexagonal shape is of the occult is ludicrous. By that philosophy, everything we encounter all day long may have some form of occult attached to it. Every single day of the week is names after various false gods and planets, but we still use those names. I am sure that someone somewhere thought of inappropriate uses for every shape and figure available, but that does not make them bad - it makes the person worshipping false gods bad.

I also agree that people should spent NO TIME studying the occult, or false religions, as the Bible tells us not to. If the Bible does not say that something is wrong, it is not wrong, period.

As far as Moody videos, our children have the entire set that they released in the 50s. They have watched them all again and again, and we have NEVER found anything wrong in them AT ALL. In fact, we LOVE the series, and have nothing but praise for it. They use KJB throughout, and the scientist presenting the information preaches a little sermon at the end applying the scientific truths to our spiritual life. There is no human breastfeeding a monkey. I doubt any conservative would ever even show a human breastfeeding another human, since that is considered a cardinal sin by many.

Zsuzsanna,I spoke to my adult children and we were sure it was the Moody videos but we don't remember a sermon at the end. I have been homeschooling since 1985 and this was many years ago but I'll look into it. I did write a letter to the company back then. The point they were making was that civilizations were more advanced years ago and that man has regressed. The woman was Central or South American and the topic was the Mayans,Incas,etc. I agree that we shouldn't study the occult,etc. but we do have a book by Cathy Burns-a Christian-on symbols-peace symbols,pyramids,obelisks,etc. We don't buy clothing,etc. with these symbols on them.

ZsuZsu again:

Sarah, thank you so much for the Tim Tams. Yes, they did make it through customs, but they did not make it into the photo because they got gobbled up so quickly!! :) Yum! Thank you again for your package. We have yet to try the vegemite because when we do, I want to catch it on film and blog about it for you and other Aussies to enjoy. Maybe for dinner tonight! Is it better on toast or plain bread?

Taryn, that is odd. I know for sure that it is not on any of the DVDs in the set we have (it has 19 DVDs total, I think). Very strange.

Zsuzsanna- I wrote a note to Timberdoodle thinking that was where we bought the video. They e-mailed me that they have sold Moody videos but are unable to access my past ordering information due to changes in ordering software.

I just received Timberdoodle's new catalog in the mail and they are selling the game Catan- Settlers of America. They mention the hex-tile grid. I just think the words Catan,hex and hexes are something to get comfortable with because at first glance reading the reviews it made me uncomfortable.

Why Ladies Should Not Wear Headcoverings [RELIGIOUS hats = satan, cowboy hats = god]

Our Conservative Baptist Church doe s not have a dress code. Most of the women wear dresses/skirts(Deut. 22:5 KJV and world history) to church on Sunday mornings(some women have visited that wear hats/coverings). I thought this post was great. It was an interesting point that many covering women put their hair up! My youngest daughter(20) has beautiful long hair but I am able to grow my hair to only a certain length now. I agree that the english in the KJV Bible is enough-we don't need the Greek when explaining why our house is alcohol-free -Proverbs 23:31,32,etc.( KJV) and the history of water purification-the Pilgrims gave their children an alcohol-free beer. The tie is an upside-down obelisk-we need to question its origin. I looked into the animal mascots/toys for sports and the explanation was similar to the occult book/movie The Golden Compass with Nicole Kidman-animal "demons" in paganism( we use the KJV word-devils).

Last year our church published web sites that are ministries focused on reaching the Amish with the Gospel since the Amish think it is sinful/prideful to have assurance of salvation. As a home educator since 1985 I will advise my children to not use Catholic and Amish books(Pathway Readers) if they homeschool our grandchildren. Full disclosure: we did use the Amish Pathway Readers with our youngest child(now 18)and would have recommended them until our church had an article on the Amish bishop,etc. I do like Rod and Staff's books,(King James Bible-only Mennonites).

When our daughters were babies they wore Little House-type bonnets(I do not pierce our daughters' ears-Genesis 35:2-4,Exodus 32:2-4, Leviticus 19:28 KJV) in the summer. If they were a little older and wore similar bonnets I would have them wear their hair down not put up in a bun,etc. under the bonnet.To think that we would "frown upon" a baby girl whose hair hasn't started growing or a woman who can't grow her hair or can't grow it to a certain length-as suggested in a previous comment is silly(maybe even spooky).

Parenting Fail [kids need discipline]

I read that elephants spank their young with their trunks-I don't know if that's true. There was a time that I thought I would never swat on the bottom one of my grandchildren-then my granddaughter turned two(the terrific twos). It's amazing what one swat on the bottom will do. She has more self-control when she is with me as a result.

I do agree with Katy-Anne but my granddaughter is no longer the cranky child hitting her cousins,etc. She is happy with me. I read a book years ago-A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 and I do agree the Bible is using Shepherd/sheep vocabulary. The book goes into good shepherds and bad(abusive,neglectful) shepherds. I read somewhere that one swat on the sheep's behind guided it-two swats(beating-meaning two swats) for some. I do not believe a father should swat on the bottom a daughter-my father never swatted me and my husband never swatted our two daughters. I appreciate that the Duggars speak against spanking-there is too much harsh discipline. I remember hearing that some parents used a belt years ago-that's abuse.

Zsuzsanna-you're right about the Duggars. I reread chapter 5 (p.138-139) of their book.

Mary Pride in her book-All the Way Home- recommends the book-What the Bible Says about Child Training by Richard Fugate($13-sold at Christian Liberty Press). I read this book-it recommends spanking,etc. and is worth reading.

A Beka Books has a booklet($1.60)-Under Loving Command- that I have but it's in a homeschool tote/box(have to get it out now). The booklet is in their catalog and on their web site(miscellaneous). Mary Pride recommends reading it-in her book- as well as reading Fugate's book. I read that great article in the Above Rubies magazine-thank you-treasuresfromashoebox.

Christian Light Publications has the book-What the Bible Says About Child Training by Richard Fugate- ($9) and a few other books on child training and family living that agree with Fugate's book.

"Spare the rod and spoil the child" is from a 1662 Samuel Butler poem.
I never knew this before. Yet again, Taryn proves to be educational.

Anna, 12 Weeks Old

I know. Our babies slept with us. All were breastfed. Until recently, our granddaughter(1 year) slept with us(she's bottle-fed). That was the only way we could get her to go to sleep. Now she sleeps in the crib(a cushion we added covers the long rail) but with the new cribs we're concerned she will climb out and get hurt. We're considering another pack and play with sheets and a covered mat(there's one in the livingroom) instead of the crib. My daughter and I are short so we can't lower the mattress any lower. Anna is beautiful. I was going to name our second daughter Anna(Luke 2:36-38 KJV) but decided on Angela. We live in a two-family(2 door) home with my second son's family(granddaughter-Hannah). The doctors wanted me to get radioactive treatments for a recent diagnosis of overactive thyroid(affecting my eyes,etc.)- I told them I live with my granddaughters so it wasn't an option and they agreed with me. Thank the Lord. He gives us a plain path(Psalm 27:11 KJV).

I agree with you about the Westboro "church". kingdombaptist.org calls them a scam and a fake.

Can you beat 39 cent tacos? [Tacogate]

Can you believe it? All Taryn has to say for tacogate is:

Thank you for the link to that article at mercola.com.
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Great local organic co-op [Zsu buys produce]

Two weeks ago after eating raspberries I was taken to the emergency room when my doctor told me to call an ambulance-she said I could go into shock. I was put on an IV of Benadryl due to hives and swollen feet and hands. Since it is March- I will bring up how my 100% Irish mother cooked cabbage every March 17th and I never liked that smell-I only eat raw cabbage. We do not celebrate St. Patrick's Day,leprechauns,etc. Pages 23 and 29 of Abeka's(12th grade) Church History textbook explains the true story of Patrick-he never had anything to do with the Roman Catholic Church. My third daughter-in-law's(Erinn) birthday is March 17 so we celebrate that. She is "with child"(Matthew 1:18-KJV) with our fifth granddaughter!

I should add that there's a biography by Michael McHugh-Saint Patrick:Pioneer Missionary to Ireland (1999-Christian Liberty Press)-that agrees with A Beka Books(Patrick wasn't Roman Catholic).

Landmark Freedom Baptist homeschool curriculum teaches in their 10th grade Church History book(2006)-week 11- the true story of Patrick that does not agree with the Roman Catholic legend of him.

Speaking of leprechauns-Christian author,Cathy Burns has great research on them in her book on Occult Symbols(sold at libertytothecaptives.net).


Taryn, so sorry to hear about your allergic reaction to the raspberries. Conventional berries are some of the worst offenders as far as pesticides go.

Not sure what started the thread on St. Patrick. We don't celebrate it because it seems that's more just an occasion for college kids to get drunk, regardless of whether he was a catholic or not.

Evolution art contest [evolution is for evil atheists and makes no sense]

We hope to visit the Creation Museum in Kentucky one day. Did you hear they are building a replica of Noah's Ark? The web site is answersingenesis. I saw Ben Stein's documentary-Expelled. He interviewed Richard Dawkins. When Dawkins says that about aliens seeding life here-it sounds like Scientology- started by science-fiction writer Hubbard. We enjoyed Kent Hovind's teachings.

An interesting book is What Darwin Didn't Know-A Doctor Dissects the Theory of Evolution by Geoffrey Simmons,M.D.(2004). Another good book is One Race,One Blood(2007-$14)at answersingenesis.

We don't believe the earth was literally created in 7 days- we know it was literally created in 6 days like the Bible(KJV) says. According to Acts 15 Gentile Christians don't have to follow the dietary laws like the Jewish believers I know do but our family attended a Messianic church in Florida in the 1980s so we do not eat ham,pork,shellfish or any unclean food listed in the Bible. Jordan Rubin's health books ( The Great Physicians Rx for Health,etc.) explain why not eating those foods are a healthy thing to do.

The world was created in 6 days and is approximately 6,000 years old as taught in (Abeka's,Christian Light Education's, Rod and Staff's,etc.) history textbooks. Science textbooks(Abeka's,etc.) have units such as Science vs. the theory of Evolution.Adam and Eve were created about 4000 B.C. and the Great(global) Flood(Noah) took place about 4,500 years ago. We believe as the Creation Museum displays-that the dinosaurs(no relation to birds) and man lived at the same time. There were dinosaurs on Noah's ark. Adam and Eve had medium-brown skin color(amount of melanin). We believe we are one blood(one race)-Acts 17:26-"races" is an evolution term.

The Bible says that the earth is round-Isaiah 40:22(KJV)-the "circle of the earth". Galileo Galilei-"A hundred passages of holy Scripture teach us that the glory and greatness of Almighty God are marvelously displayed in all his works and divinely read in the open book of the heaven."

The Bible says that the earth floats in space-Job 26:7- God "hangs the earth on nothing". The Bible says the universe was created in 6 days-Exodus 20:11.From the genealogies in the Bible we know the creation was about 6,000 years ago. An interesting booklet(answeresingenesis.org) is What Does the Bible Say about Astronomy?

There's a book-Cry Freedom by Lida Vashchenko(1987). It's a true story about a Christian family with many children in Russia. They ended up living in the basement of the American Embassy on their way to America.I remember when this was in our newspapers. Lida tells how they were treated by their atheistic-evolutionist neighbors. Tv and government schools are indoctrinating for a reason. As Ben Stein shows in his film-Expelled- scientists who believe Scripture- like Galileo-get fired from their jobs.

A Quiet Week

When our 6 children lost a tooth they went to their father and he gave them a dollar bill. We never did the tooth fairy, Santa, Easter baskets,etc. We don't use the word-kid(s) because of Matthew 25:32,33. We never celebrated Halloween. First, we stopped celebrating Easter(Herod's Easter-Acts 12:4)- our church calls it Resurrection Sunday. Recently, we stopped having a Christmas tree-we agree with those(lasttrumpetministries,Messianic Jews,etc.) who say Jesus was born during the Jewish holidays(Sept./Oct.). We have turkey dinners on Resurrection Sunday,Thanksgiving, and Christmas(my husband gives the children-under 20 years old(Numbers 1:45,etc.-when Scripure says one becomes an adult)- and grandchildren gift cards) . Of course, we celebrate many birthdays-that started with God's people(some people don't use round cakes or candles because of the sun worship origin). We, also, don't have images of Jesus(Warner Sallman,etc.). I do like Christian Light's new board book with a short-haired Jesus(1 Cor. 11:14). We don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day(Abeka has a section on St. Patrick in their Church History book-11/12 grades- that I agree with). We don't celebrate other holidays that the government schools do- May Day,etc.

I should add that we don't celebrate St. Valentine's Day. lasttrumpetministries.org has an online tract(Be Nobody's Valentine) that we agree with at their main web site(KJV-only). Jesus-is-lord.com has holiday info at their Believer's Corner(they're KJV-only). I left the Catholic church when I was 16 and we were married in a Baptist church. We need to study history and know why we do things. If I could go back we would have no made-in-China holiday decorations in our house. One year the fumes from a real Christmas tree gave me the worst migraine.

dailymail.co.uk/health/article-492440/ doctors-warn-Christmas trees- is about mold spores from live Christmas trees triggering headaches,sinus complaints, asthma attacks,etc. There is more info than that on the internet.

Our Baptist Church teaches that Gentile Christians do not have to tithe-according to Acts 15(sometimes we have given more than ten percent). I agree with many and do not wear any jewelry. It does not say in the Bible that you can't wear any jewelry except your wedding ring. I am allergic to metal,nickel,etc. but missionaries found that when they told new converts to stop wearing pagan jewelry the converts would point to the missionaries' wedding rings. Many missionaries stopped wearing them. People in our church do wear jewelry because the Bible doesn't say not to.We do have round cakes(Carvel) but we have a large family and they are usually too small for us. Sunday is the Lord's Day(Acts 20:7,1 Corinthians 16:1,2;Revelation 1:10-KJV) not the Sabbath Day(Exodus 20) of rest.

I missed the post title for this... something boring

I just put the Long Island,New York postcard in the mailbox. It's 15 degrees out there-so I put on my gloves,heavy coat and snowboots. It's suppose to be 3 degrees in the morning! Psalm 118:24(KJV), Proverbs 31:21-She is not afraid of the snow for her household...;

We used the Abeka- My State Notebook(4th grade)$8. We did our Long Island,NY geography/history in 4th grade with library books. Our Long Island north shore beaches are rocky and have huge boulders and cliffs. That's because during the Ice Age(thousands of years ago-triggered by the Great Flood) a glacier,like a huge bulldozer, stopped there. There's a book my children enjoyed at keepersofthefaith.com-Living in the Ice Age(Master Books-$11 hardcover) that I recommend as well as the keepersofthefaith web site(articles/book reviews).

Abeka has a Christian biography called-Noah Webster:A Man Who Loved Words(5th grade and older-$10.25). We read it years ago and if I remember correctly we enjoyed it.Glad to see you received the two New York postcards.Another good Christian biography is at Christian Liberty Press-Jed Smith:Trailblazer of the West(5th grade and older-$7.99). Our sons really liked the Jedediah Smith book(he was born in New York).

Keep the Lights Burning,Abbie- is a book on my list to order for our 4 granddaughters(Veritas Press-$6.95-first grade and older). Abbie Burgess had 9 siblings! Our two daughters enjoyed reading that book.

Call me crazy [Zsu receives incredibly nasty comments]

I had to reread the post and comments-I still can't find where you even might have hinted that a wife should continue living under the same roof as an abusive husband. Where did these people get that idea-from other people's comments? Talk about being accused(Rev.12:10). I know this is a serious post but I had to laugh at what you said about not having any jumpers. You are so sweet-your husband,children and church are blessed. Thank you for this blog.

When I think of Proverbs 29:2(KJV) I think of Gianna Jessen who was a baby that survived an abortion. When I think of people who support infanticide for babies that survive abortions I think of Psalm 55:15-23...(KJV). This reminds me of a story I heard about the Mayflower-2 crew members were persecuting the Pilgrims and their children. One man became sick and died- and the other man fell overboard. People think we're suppose to be like the tv preachers- never discuss what the Bible says about abortion, divorce,hell,etc., and get paid for promoting modern version Bibles.

My current everyday schedule

The Swann family (book- No Regrets) homeschooled from 8:30-11:30 at the table. All 10 children had high school diplomas at ages 11/12 from American High School. They had Masters degrees at 16. They did homeschool year round -that explains the accelerated pace. They did homeschooling in the afternoon but it was less structured-reading,etc. Our family has the same daily schedule- about 3 hours in the morning starting with math for about an hour. We mostly use Abeka(ordering some Abeka from Christian Liberty Press). We order math from CLP-Modern Curriculum Press. We order Spectrum Test Prep workbooks(1st-8th) from Timberdoodle-they have Galloping the Globe. We use Seton Testing Service every May. This is our last year. We've been home educating since 1985. I just ordered a phonics book($22)-The Reading Lesson-that looks interesting from Timberdoodle for our granddaughters.

So, you're married to a jerk... [Zsu IS a jerk]

Our Baptist church will not marry someone if they are divorced and a covenant-lifelong spouse is still alive. I heard someone say that divorce is legalized polygamy. My dictionary says FORnication is sexual intercourse between UNmarried persons- I think that applies to Sodom and Gomorrha-Jude 1:7. We have 4 sons(3 married)-I know they will always take care of their sisters. Bible Christians would counsel separation in cases of abuse. I have never met anyone who would counsel that it is biblical to stay. There are ministries like rejoiceministries for people who are praying for healed marriages.

As my atheist(he prefers that instead of agnostic)uncle says- the laws are based on the 10 Commandments,etc. He admits that his reference point for right and wrong are the Bible(KJV). I have to give him the book, What Darwin Didn't Know(2004). Sadly, laws have become anti-Bible in my lifetime-preborn baby killing,etc. Hopefully,abortion will be abolished as slavery was(book-One Race,One Blood-answersingenesis). I know a few people-with children-who have married, divorced and remarried several times. Christian Light Publications has a $5 book- What the Bible Says about Marriage,Divorce and Remarriage that agrees with our Baptist church on most points-no divorce and remarriage. This subject reminds me of Terry Schaivo(sp?)- we need to take marriage seriously. Her husband had the flowers watered on the table next to her but wouldn't give her a drop of water to ease her thirst.

John 8 and Numbers 5 are connected. I heard a Messianic Jewish believer teach on this(Halley's Bible Handbook has an interesting one-line comment on it.).Many believe the woman was being ACCUSED(Luke 8:10 KJV)of adultery by men who were adulterers. Some believe they were lying. Luke 1 is connected to 1 Chronicles 24:10 and I heard the Messianic Jewish teaching on how they believe Jesus was born during the Jewish holidays in late September/early October. Research can be done on both these subjects and they can be better explained than I can explain them. This Jewish believer thought he knew what Jesus wrote on the ground(John 8:6)because of Numbers 5 and some know the Scriptures John the Baptist's father was reading during his eighth course(Luke 1:5,8)because of 1 Chronicles 24. We attended a Messianic church in Florida during the eighties- it's amazing how Gentile Christians don't see what Messianic Jews see.

To answer a question...[Zsu's header is her as a child]

It is obviously you. Beautiful picture. I thought everyone realized that.

This might be another post too...

Psalm 119:165- Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.(KJV)

I would like to recommend the book - One Race One Blood- available at answersingenesis. One of the two authors is an African American-A.Charles Ware. He wrote the Appendix in the book- Hijacking the Civil Rights Bus: Homosexuality and the Scriptures.

Anonymous- I think we should give others the whole counsel of God- Rev. 22:15- For without are dogs(as our Pastor says-sexual perverts), and sorcerers, and whoremongers,and murderers,and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.(KJV) and other Scriptures like 1 Cor.6:9,10-Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived:neither fornicators, nor idolaters,nor adulterers,nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind..." Are you reading those Scriptures you mentioned as a pacifist and you don't believe in self-defense? Those are the Scriptures the pacifists use. I don't understand how a pacifist won't defend their children,etc. My job is to pray for abortion to be abolished even if that means some murderer will lose money. We need to judge others or we wouldn't have a judicial system. If you don't have Wisdom with Scriptures like the ones you mention and Matthew 7:1(KJV) then you might not believe in law and justice and might be an anarchist. Jeremiah 7:16,17-"...Pray not thou for this people...Seest thou not what they do...?"

The book I mentioned in a previous comment-One Race One Blood- teaches what the Bible teaches-Acts 17:26(KJV). We are one blood/one race. Evolution teaches there are different races. The book documents the things that have happened in history due to the theory of evolution. The book was previously titled-Darwin's Plantation. The Creation Museum depicts Adam's and Eve's skin color as medium brown-all the amounts of melanin come from their genes. I like how the Abeka 7th and 8th grade science books teach with chapters like Science vs. Evolution.

Romans 9:13 says,"...Jacob have I loved,but Esau have I hated."and that is repeated in Malachi 1:2,3. In Revelation 2, Jesus says he hates the DEEDS(v.6) and DOCTRINES(v.15) of the Nicolaitians. Luke 6:27(KJV)-Jesus says-"...Love your enemies..."-(where does the KJV say to "pray for your enemies"?)(this reminds me of Christmas when people say the angels were "singing" at Jesus' birth-where does it say those word(s)?)-and in Luke 22:36 Jesus says to buy a sword. 1 Peter 1:15,16 says,"Be ye(plural) holy...". I read a biography about a woman missionary to India during WWII and the author discusses that many Christians felt Scripture was telling them to NOT pray for Hitler. John 17:9-Jesus says, "...I pray not for the world,but for them which thou hast given me...". We need to be wise and have discernment. I know Matthew 5(KJV)-as has been mentioned- and we and our church do not believe divorce and remarriage(v.32) are allowed except for "fornication"(KJV)-during the betrothal/engagement. Mary was called Joseph's wife in Matthew 1 during their betrothal. I agree with Matthew 5:43-48(KJV),as well.

Whew! [Zsu has a bad day... or something. WHat does Taryn respond to?]

Romans 9:13 says,"...Jacob have I loved,but Esau have I hated."and that is repeated in Malachi 1:2,3. In Revelation 2, Jesus says he hates the DEEDS(v.6) and DOCTRINES(v.15) of the Nicolaitians. Luke 6:27(KJV)-Jesus says-"...Love your enemies..."-(where does the KJV say to "pray for your enemies"?)(this reminds me of Christmas when people say the angels were "singing" at Jesus' birth-where does it say those word(s)?)-and in Luke 22:36 Jesus says to buy a sword. 1 Peter 1:15,16 says,"Be ye(plural) holy...". I read a biography about a woman missionary to India during WWII and the author discusses that many Christians felt Scripture was telling them to NOT pray for Hitler. John 17:9-Jesus says, "...I pray not for the world,but for them which thou hast given me...". We need to be wise and have discernment. I know Matthew 5(KJV)-as has been mentioned- and we and our church do not believe divorce and remarriage(v.32) are allowed except for "fornication"(KJV)-during the betrothal/engagement. Mary was called Joseph's wife in Matthew 1 during their betrothal. I agree with Matthew 5:43-48(KJV),as well.

In the Bible boys become men at 20-and eligible to go to war- Exodus 30:14,Numbers 1:45,Numbers 14:29,etc. I don't know if the Bar Mitzvah is a Talmud book teaching. Mary's age is debatable. Matthew 13:55,56(KJV) says she had 4 sons besides Jesus and at least 2 daughters-"sisters" is plural. The word-teenager-wasn't in the dictionary until the fifties. In Mary Pride's book- The Big Book of Home Learning-Volume 3- there is an essay(p.535-540) called, The Myth of the Teenager.

I must add that Luke 2:7(KJV) says that Jesus was Mary's firstborn son. I read somewhere that Jewish law didn't allow a girl to be betrothed until she had menstruated. Jewish "traditions"/the Talmud are discussed in Matthew 15(KJV) and Mark 7(KJV). When I was in my teens I had friends that didn't menstruate until 15 and 16. We know that the modern diet MAY cause this age to be earlier-hormones in food,soy,etc.

Anna's birth story

Thank you for posting this personal post-it will bless many. I found it so interesting that I have found myself thinking about it. Psalm 119:133(KJV)says that the Lord orders our steps in His Word,etc.

Announcing... [Anna's birth]

Anna is beautiful. I like her name- Luke 2:36-38(KJB). Today is my oldest daughter's birthday. Praise the Lord.

I made it! [to the holidays]

One of my favorite Scriptures when I was " with child"(Matthew 1:18) was Psalm 103:1(KJB)-"Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name."

He should have worked for TSA instead [everyone is bad especially the government]

I am so glad you mentioned Creation Science teacher Kent Hovind. We must remember him and his family in prayer. His videos are great. I would refuse to fly - especially with my children. My grandchildren will grow up thinking things like this are normal.

A peek into my freezer [Zsu makes 1 million meals in preparation for the baby]

Someone told me that you don't have to boil lasagna noodles- just place them in a pan with hot water for 20 minutes. I tried it- it worked great.

Girls' day out [becky and Miriam get their hair cut by 'pagans']

What a blessing you and the girls were to the woman "with child"(Matthew 1:18). I never had nail polish in the house. My daughter, Angela, works in a bank and gets her nails done at those Asian places that have fumes and little idol altars- here on Long Island.(I can't believe people bring their babies in those places). I pray she starts painting her nails herself. Long nails are so germy. So are gyms- PTL she stopped going there. My granddaughters' other grandmothers polish their nails- it teaches them colors.

According to Cathy Burns in her book- Masonic and Occult Symbols-on page 382- the spiral(on the floor in the photo) is an ancient goddess symbol having to do with nature. Spirals are on a lot of toys,etc.

Are you serious?! [solomon buys a wallet with $100 inside]

I am never going to a thrift store again. I will never try to secretly bless someone again. If only the previous owner of that wallet(who may have wanted to bless someone) knew what the unintended consequences of that wallet donation were. My daughter(20) says it was $100 not a winning lottery ticket(we don't gamble/play the lottery)- or an expensive piece of jewelry, etc. What if it was a penny, a dollar, what should happen then? I am very protective of the true Bible- the King James Bible. There aren't different Bible versions and the KJB is one of them. There is the real and the modern,corrupt counterfeits. There are many King James Bible homeschool curriculums. It's like Christians who walk around wearing the peace symbol. They aren't researching it- hopefully when they learn the truth- the history- they will not wear it. Or maybe they don't want to give up gold jewelry and the truth won't matter.

Ok, I voted [Zsu votes because she has robaots, er, kids]

Romance- My daughters-in-law have college degrees. Reality- My daughters-in-law(who did not vote) have student loans and one of them plans on being a stay-at-home mother when hers are paid off. Meanwhile, she goes to work sick every morning with her second pregnancy. My second daughter-in-law decided she can't find work with her first degree so she is going back to college and getting more student loans. I watch my granddaughters(2, 18 months and 9 months) and homeschool my youngest(17). I(55) recently started having thyroid problems so I make morning doctor(eyes, throat sonogram, etc.) appointments while my son(after he drives his sister to work so I can have her car) watches the babies then I get home, change diapers and feed them lunch. I am tired and do not feel well but we have the joy of the Lord. It is very hard for my daughters-in-law to leave their babies(I see the tears in their eyes). We have been brainwashed like that early child reading/memorization program that harms babies and is advertised on TV. NBC (The Today Show) did an investigative report on it this week. I have been warning people about it but everyone(including some Christians) thought I was wrong- the ad is so convincing(deceitful and expensive). I like Alexandra Swann's book(No Regrets) about how her mother homeschooled her and her 9 siblings and they all had masters degrees by/at 16. They didn't use TV/computer programs. They used Calvert, American High School,etc. - there were no Christian programs back then- and they read their Bible(KJV).

I heard someone say on TV that Obama was going to be President because since TV the tallest candidate of the last two left- win. The other day I received a call from our local high school that there was going to be a heroin forum because there was such a bad heroin problem at the local high school and other schools on Long Island. It is a problem all over the nation. My 17-year-old son homeschools. Don't think it couldn't happen to you. My daughter(20) had a baby and isn't married. Our granddaughter(9m.) is our joy but if I could do it all over-I would homeschool the 5 older children through high school. A friend told me I was the last one she thought would have a daughter(she lives at home and plans on marrying her husband-to-be) have a baby out of wedlock(but my mother was pregnant with me when she was married). We believe marriage is the vows and a covenant; divorce and remarriage are not allowed(KJV Bible). I teach my children that fornication(KJV word) is sin. My oldest son went to a Christian high school and I wouldn't go that route again. I also pray for our country and for abortion to be abolished but do not vote. The men in our family vote. We have 4 sons.

If my daughter(who works at a bank and goes to college-without student loans) married an abusive man or a man that became mentally ill etc. her three older brothers and her parents would take her and her children in. We believe in women and children first- remember the Titanic- that wouldn't happen today(it would be the most educated and who has the most money,etc.). We believe in separation without remarriage(my mother remarried after my father died and there's a reality to that when children are in the home). My third son, Jonathan, paid cash to go to college- it took him more than 4 years. Oh and my mother dated and had her own house- there's a reality to that also when there are children in the home. My sons didn't date and are married. I know about violence in the home- my husband used to do drugs(he went to public high school) and he was raised in a large Christian family. May God set the captives free. I will not vote(1 Timothy 2:12 KJV).

generationcedar.com has an interesting post about the feminists and she agrees with us about women not voting

Every argument needs more Kelly

Why I don't vote [women are dumb]

I agree with you. My daughter had to send in a copy of my granddaughter's birth certificate to avoid jury duty. One of my 3 married sons just called me to tell me he voted- and he didn't have to show photo I.D.-just signed next to his name. Years ago I would have disagreed with you. I thought the Republicans were going to put things into place so that abortion would be abolished. I like what a pastor(kingdombaptist.org) calls women in pants - crossdressing. One of the goals of the early feminists was to have women clergy. We have cameras at every other traffic light in this town(a $50 ticket)- eastern Long Island. An elderly man at church told me that our grandchildren will think that is normal. What do we think is normal but it is against the King James Bible and would be considered crazy by our ancestors? It is obvious that the agenda to put women in short hair and pants was to get them comfortable being taxpayers and joining the military.

I want to add that Bible-reading men give their daughters education and equal inheritance because they have read the last chapter of Job(King James Bible).

It is difficult for women who listen to women on TV teach men(one has very short hair-1Cor. 11-women are not to have short hair and men are not to have long hair), and celebrate Halloween(one woman TV teacher told a Halloween costume story on TV) to understand that in Timothy (KJV) we are told women are not to have authority over men(a primary goal of the suffragettes). The early feminists of American history may have been anti-abortion but they wanted women clergy. I wonder if they realized the door they were opening up- women in military and sports,abortion, etc. A few TV "Christian" teacher programs are really Amplified "Bible" infomercials- they are getting money for pushing that one. Maybe this is all about people not reading the true Bible- the King James Bible. I would only use a KJV Bible curriculum- Abeka, Landmark Freedom Baptist, etc. for homeschooling. My oldest son's Christian school used Abeka.

It is difficult for women who listen to women on TV teach men(one has very short hair-1Cor. 11-women are not to have short hair and men are not to have long hair), and celebrate Halloween(one woman TV teacher told a Halloween costume story on TV) to understand that in Timothy (KJV) we are told women are not to have authority over men(a primary goal of the suffragettes). The early feminists of American history may have been anti-abortion but they wanted women clergy. I wonder if they realized the door they were opening up- women in military and sports,abortion, etc. A few TV "Christian" teacher programs are really Amplified "Bible" infomercials- they are getting money for pushing that one. Maybe this is all about people not reading the true Bible- the King James Bible. I would only use a KJV Bible curriculum- Abeka, Landmark Freedom Baptist, etc. for homeschooling. My oldest son's Christian school used Abeka.

Ephesians 5:25 says that husbands are to love their wives-King James Bible. Verses 1-21 address the church sa a group. Verses 22-24 and verse 33b speaks to wives and then verses 25-33a speaks to husbands. A true Christian husband that truly loves and cherishes his wife would not ask her to do anything that is against the Bible or ask her to do something she is uncomfortable with. generationcedar.com has a great post about the feminist movement and its history. She does not vote.

A fun fall craft [Zsu makes a felt cornucopia]

According to Cathy Burns in her book-Masonic and Occult Symbols- the cornucopia was brought over to America by witches that came from Scotland(p.334). It is used today by the Masons(p.335). It also has to do with Greek mythology(p.336-337). It is a masculine/feminine symbol(androgynous symbol-p.336). Her book is interesting- it goes into the history of the peace symbol, the heart symbol(not the heart organ but originated from the uterus), the obelisk(the tie is an upside-down obelisk), the Target circle with the dot inside and the history of jewelry and make-up, etc. I don't agree with one article she wrote but most of her books etc. are interesting. They are available from libertytothecaptives.net and her ministry- Sharing.

Question & Answer

Thank you - the post on your husband's blog that mentions Nephilim is dated Oct. 2008.

Sharing is caring? [sharing is communism]

My two-year-old granddaughter wanted a toy that my 18-month-old granddaughter had. I simply said, "Thou shalt not covet" (Exodus 20 KJV). Hannah seemed to understand.

Great videos at we4bates titled Gianna Jensen-abortion survivor.

Pizza Massage

I pray the Lord brings the hidden thing to light. Cathy Burns in her book on Occult Symbols has an interesting chapter on jewelry(the history and meanings). We now use vinyl gloves(by band aids) for things like hamburger etc. For some Christians the wedding ring is the only jewelry they wear.

Solomon's birthday

Do you have a dishwasher? I was loading mine this week and put the soap in first like I always do(so we can see that the dishes are dirty not a finished load) and my granddaughter (17 months) ran over and put her fingers in the lemon-scented soap(with bleach) and put it in her mouth. We took water rinsed out her mouth and hand then gave her milk like the bottle said- then called poison control. It appears she is fine. I didn't have a dishwasher when raising our 6 children. I had been concerned that she would grab a dish or utensil.

Another Q&A coming soon!

I would like to repeat my question about what you think of Abeka books and why Harcourt math? The question about uncooked eggs in the mousse recipe was a good one. I would like to add that the King James Bible can be memorized just by reading it etc. It uses one-syllable words like house and hell- the NKJV uses habitation and the NASV uses the word hades.

How long do you nurse your babies- when do you wean them? I now wish I would have weaned my children at one(putting them on milk then) instead of later- maybe I would have conceived more children(we had 6). The post on Nephilim at you husband's blog is excellent.

What do you think of a baby sleeping in a pack and play(playpen) for naps? I bought a plastic cover for the cushion and a few fitted sheets. I prefer this to the crib after a few months. My granddaughter(7 months) keeps hitting her face/head into the wood crib slats. Now my daughter understands why I like having 2 playpens-one in the livingroom(this one has sheets also)and one in the bedroom. Our infants never slept in another room. I like bassinets for newborns. We have homeschooled chemistry and learned that my daughter-in-law made ice cream in chemistry class and my daughter observed an experiment through a glass window with her class. The Swann family(book-No Regrets-all 10 children had their high school degrees by 12 through American School) did not do chemistry in high school.

I don't celebrate July 4th. Every July 4th one of my children asks me to explain why. I tell them when abortion is abolished then I might reconsider. They grew up not celebrating Halloween in any way. They know I am not a fan of Christmas(from what I have read Jesus was born around the end of Sept. during the holidays)(the history about it is interesting and then there's the Jeremiah tree) or Easter(Herod's Easter- KJV). I do look forward to all theirs and the grandchildren's birthdays and Thanksgiving. What is your opinion on this? Thank you.

Converted to cloth [Zsu uses cloth diapers]

I used cloth diapers with my last two children- purchased through Practical Homeschooling magazine(home-school.com)- years ago. They are now 17 and 20(with a baby of her own and she won't even consider cloth). My third son's daughter(18 months) had a rash from chemicals in disposables- other babies also had the same rash. I used velcro covers with our last two(of 6) children.

This year's cirriculum

What do you think about Abeka homeschool books and why do you like the Harcourt math(I don't know anyone who uses it.)? Do you know who Kent Hovind is and what do you think of that?

Some ideas for hand-made gifts

Have you read thelegacyofhome's post- Danger in the kitchen(pyrex dishes)?

(Don't go) Back to school

I am 50% Italian(part Sicilian)- so if I buy my 6 children and 4 granddaughters cannolis I might be criticized or is that only because I homeschool(since 1985-this is my last year). Or would I only be criticized if I bake the cannolis myself but not if my son who works for a bottled-water company and delivers to a cannoli factory and is given them then gives them to me and I give them to my children and granddaughters. I'm serious- when is it indulgence and worship?

A gift idea for that person you really hate [flu shot gift cards]

The sign is a marketing ploy- propaganda. A medical professional told my daughter(20) and I that when he joined the army he was given a flu shot then was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. He didn't think it was a coincidence and now he doesn't promote the flu shot or the chicken pox shot. He confided in us because my daughter has Type 1.

There is only overpopulation in the cities. There was a book I wanted to read- The Birth Dearth by Ben Wattingham.

Page 63 of the book, The Way Home says Overpopulation does not exist. Mary Pride covers this subject well in her book discussing Malthus etc. Does everyone know that there are diploid cells in the chicken pox vaccine? People who pray for abortion to be abolished should know this. My older daughter came down with the measles after receiving the measles shot- no one told me of the risks. I had a miscarriage after getting the swine flu shot in the seventies then was told that it was a risk after I had been told that it was safe. Oh- my older daughter(27) has autism and lives in a group home. But I was recently told that a doctor faked the vaccine/autism connection. My children did not vaccinate their children and my pregnant daughter did not plan on getting the swine flu shot. She has a healthy baby daughter.

The Importance of teaching your chil(ren) to read [Has this ever been debated?]

Again- a great and needed post. I taught our 6 children to read and want to help teach our 4(so far) grandchildren to read. The main goal is for them to read their KJV Bibles. My youngest son(17) wanted to use Landmark Freedom Baptist for algebra and geometry. He also liked their high school American history. We used Abeka history for a reference book with it.

When they read we must have discernment. I just finished reading the 1996 book, Disney and the Bible. On page 145 it discusses how The Lion King teaches Buddhism. The author uses only King James Bible Scriptures. The Marketing of Evil

(2005) is another book where the author uses only KJV Scriptures.

The egg recall: Austin "Jack" DeCoster not the "Christian businessman" he's cracked up to be [more conspiracies]

Thank you for this post. I will never buy another egg unless I know the chickens. Years ago, we had our own chickens. The animal cruelty reminds me of the puppy mills run by some Amish that are sold to pet stores. Proverbs 12:10 A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast:... (KJV). Then there's the slave labor- we pray for captives to be set free.

I would like to add 1) We never bought books etc. with talking animals, monster puppets-muppets, etc. for our children and will not buy them for our grandchildren 2) the reporter Lisa Ling did a story on puppy mills which showed some Amish 3)Christian Light Education and Rod and Staff(Mennonite) may have early reading programs without talking animals etc.

ZsuZsu responds:


I have heard of a lot of people who do not allow books with talking animals, and I can see their point in a society that thinks humans are animals and vice versa. Personally, we do not have that conviction. There are numerous accounts in the Bible of animals who speak, including the animals in heaven that surround God's throne. Most books that fall into that category today really do give the animal too many human attributes, but I have seen some exceptions to this rule that I found completely innocent (such as a historical fiction book written about Lewis & Clark from the perspective of a dog that accompanied them on their trip).

The reason why I do not like or use the curricula you mentioned is because they are written by people who believe in works salvation (repentance from sin), and who do not believe in the eternal security of the believer.

We stopped using the Amish readers because of works salvation but was unaware of it with CLE(used their readers, history texts in younger grades) and R&S(enjoyed their young children storybooks). They both are KJV-only. We used mostly Abeka(KJV). For us, no talking animals has to do with evolution theory. Keepersofthefaith.com has good articles and book reviews(KJV). They sell BJUP for history.

Humbly- I did a little reading on Revelation 4 and it's suppose to be related to Ezekiel 1:10-13(living creatures) and Ezekiel 10:14-15(cherubims)- Halley's Bible Handbook which I don't always agree with. I could be wrong and appreciate your insight. If this is true then the two times animals spoke were times of disobedience/rebellion.

Can you say BUSY?

Here on Long Island,NY we start homeschooling after Labor Day. I wonder about BJUP- I know they use to ban "inter-racial" dating at their college and that their history texts are regarded by some to be anti-Catholic. One science text was organ donor friendly. I never found out if they were KJB only like Abeka( we bought some of our Abeka books through ChristianLibertyPress.com).

At first Taryn commented under an anonymous name and just signed Taryn at the end. I am almost positive it is the same person.


We never kept toys in the bedrooms and we never had a basement. We had 4 sons and 2 daughters- a boys' room and a girls' room. The two youngest still live at home and our youngest homeschools. We have grandchildren but limit the toys(I watch two granddaughters)- I just ordered a book from answersingenesis.org- The Gospel According to Disney.- Taryn

And Taryn's first ever comment on Question and Answer...

I have a beautiful "biracial" granddaughter. I have read Dr. Cathy Burns's article, "What is Miscegenation?" and have read answersingenesis's book, Darwin's Plantation. Some books suggest that a one-world "race" is a future goal. Thank you and your husband for your blogs.His recent teaching on Jesus wearing pants is great. -Taryn

Sorry this is sooooooo long but Taryn sure likes to post. I have a few thoughts on this but I will post them tomorrow. Too sleepy. For now I will give you some time to absorb the crazy.

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The tie is an upside-down obelisk-we need to question its origin.

I didn't read everything--too much crazy, too little time--but I love this.

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I actually gave myself a headache reading all of that, it reminds me of someone hopped up on speed or coke or somthing. With all her hexagons and oblisks and other evils she almost (almost!) makes zsu zsu look sane lol

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Awesome!!! Taryn has left some real zingers on Generation Cedar...if you can dig those up, you will have a gold mine. (including the one where Taryn takes a Sharpie to a kitchen appliance because it has the word "magic" on it)

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Awesome!!! Taryn has left some real zingers on Generation Cedar...if you can dig those up, you will have a gold mine. (including the one where Taryn takes a Sharpie to a kitchen appliance because it has the word "magic" on it)

She defaced a Magic Chef? Jeez, it's a good thing there's nothing magical about a "Kitchen Aid" or a "Kenmore" or a "Whirlpool" or we might all be in trouble.

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She defaced a Magic Chef? Jeez, it's a good thing there's nothing magical about a "Kitchen Aid" or a "Kenmore" or a "Whirlpool" or we might all be in trouble.

sheesh, I wonder what she would've used if sharpies were still called magic markers!

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I read Zsu's blog only for Taryn's comments. :oops: If you google "Taryn" and "KJV" you will find more blogs.

If Taryn isn't a troll then I want whatever she's having! She's a trip!

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She defaced a Magic Chef? Jeez, it's a good thing there's nothing magical about a "Kitchen Aid" or a "Kenmore" or a "Whirlpool" or we might all be in trouble.

your kitchen has the aids? REPENT!

eta...i saw this on pinterest and immediately thought of taryn:


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I find myself liking Taryn because she is so unusual. Her posts make me laugh because they are so random. I would love to know if she talks like she writes. Does she jump from subject to subject when she talks?

And she certainly seems to love her grandchildren. I wonder if she is supporting her kids. They seem to be at her house a lot.

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Taryn has a ton of comments here: generationcedar.com/main/2010/11/re-thinking-christmas.html

Debrand, in one comment on the link above, Taryn says that she watches her grandchildren every weekday.

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Those first couple of comments from her make it look like she is getting paid to advertise items.

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I wonder if Taryn is aware that "Rainbow Resource" sounds like a gay-rights organization.

There is a term used for psychiatric diagnosis called "loosening of associations". Taryn is textbook for that.

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We have a turkey dinner on Sunday. One son and his family bring the soda. Another brings the dessert. Our autism-spectrum high-functioning beautiful daughter(28) is home for the weekend(She lives in a group home nearby).

I find that a little sad. Taryn has enough time on her hands, and is healthy enough and enough of a caregiver, that she takes care of her granddaughters every day, but her daughter lives in a group home? For high-functioning autism? Hopefully the daugher lives there because she prefers it there.

One reason I threw out the Alpha Omega Publications high school P.E. book a few years ago(I appreciated your post about Alpha Omega Publications,etc.-March 2010) was because it promoted yoga,etc. I put martial arts and yoga in the same catagory. I couldn't even put the book in our homeschool giveaway box. The Christian book-A Time of Departing-has a chapter on yoga,etc. Cathy Burns's book on symbols discusses martial arts and the yin/yang symbol(where the paisley design comes from).

Oh, god. Someone better tell Lyndsey that paisley is of the devil. There's a perfect opportunity for a nursery remodel!

I read her comment about how she doesn't believe the earth was created in 7 days and was seeing a ray of hope...before she continues to say that it was 6 days :doh: All of her young earth comments make me really sad in light of the fact that she homeschooled all her kids.

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As my atheist(he prefers that instead of agnostic)uncle says- the laws are based on the 10 Commandments,etc. He admits that his reference point for right and wrong are the Bible(KJV). I have to give him the book, What Darwin Didn't Know(2004). Sadly, laws have become anti-Bible in my lifetime-preborn baby killing,etc. Hopefully,abortion will be abolished as slavery was(book-One Race,One Blood-answersingenesis). I know a few people-with children-who have married, divorced and remarried several times. Christian Light Publications has a $5 book- What the Bible Says about Marriage,Divorce and Remarriage that agrees with our Baptist church on most points-no divorce and remarriage. This subject reminds me of Terry Schaivo(sp?)- we need to take marriage seriously. Her husband had the flowers watered on the table next to her but wouldn't give her a drop of water to ease her thirst.

This whole paragraph is classic Taryn. A bunch of WTF...why are these subjects grouped together?

What country's laws are based on the 10 commandments? I mean, maybe the killing and stealing parts, but adultery is not illegal, nor is disobeying your parents. The government certainly cannot punish anyone for refusing to obey the christian god. Also, why would an atheist use the bible, KJV or otherwise, and a basis for his behavior? Plus there are many things that Darwin didn't know since he lived 150 years ago; that's why his theory of evolution has also evolved over time. Fundies don't seem to understand even the basics of scientific theory.

I don't really see how there's been a concentrated effort to make laws "anti-Bible" for the last 50 or 60 years. And how is abolishing slavery anti-Bible? The authors of the bible were totally cool with slavery...it crops up everywhere.

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My eyes hurt so much after doing all that I needed a break. There is far too much crazy there to take all in one sitting. And now she comments on Kelly's blog, oh dear. I need another break before I tackle that one.

But here are my conclusions:

1. Taryn is a surprisingly good speller and there are shockingly few errors in her comments. This rather surpirsed me.

2. Taryn is employed by several conservative Christian companies and authors to discuss their books/materials at every possible chance she gets. In order to collect her money she must list the book, the company who puts it out and the price. This is the only logical reason why 50% of her comments are about random books.

3. Taryn sits at home in a large library surrounded by books. At a moments notice she is able to directly quote from any book and include assompanying page numbers.

4. Every once in a while Taryn says something normal and it is not easy to tell it is her.

5. As time passes Taryn comments on more posts and more often on each one. At first she would leave one comment then wait a few posts then leave another one. Now she comments several times on most posts.

6. Taryn enjoys commenting several times IN A ROW on things.

7. Taryn is crazy.

8. Bunnies are evil.

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I enjoy when even zuzu appears to think taryn is insane. I would like to see latisha blog again and taryn comment on it.

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I'm struck and puzzled by how she always includes the publication dates of the books she references. She really must have some sort of library or at least a bibliography right at hand.

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Are we sure she isn't a fake? If it wasn't for the information about her grandchildren, I would be certain that she was just very clever at posting fake messages.

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Taryn has commented on every blog that is listed on Zsuzsu's blog.

:o :shock: Darn. I will never be able to keep up with that. Taryn has bested me.

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I think she's nuts, but for some reason I find her oddly winning. We had some slightly-off (but sweet) folks in my church growing up and she reminds me of one of the women who would trap me and ramble after the service, when I just wanted to get to the donut table.

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I love Taryn. Girlfriend is crazy, but in a good way. Even though I may not agree with everything she says (at least when I can figure out what she is saying) she doesn't seem to be filled with the copious amounts of hate as the bloggers she interacts with. Here's a set of 5 consecutive quotes she left on generation ceder:

I have 6 children-3 married sons,then 2 daughters then our son(17). We’ve homeschooled since 1985. I never used time-out(a time-out chair). I never punished(never used the word “punishâ€)them by sending them to bed early. I never “grounded†them. My father never spanked me and my husband never spanked our daughters. I quoted Scripture often- Ephesians 6:1. Spare the rod,spoil the child isn’t Scripture-is it Benjamin Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanac as isâ€God helps them who help themselvesâ€,etc. Yes, some children don’t understand consequences-we have a special-needs daughter(autism spectrum). Jessica(28) moved into a nearby group home a few years ago. She was on a 6-year waiting list-we visit her and take her out often- and she comes home on holidays. The 10 years before she moved out-at 25- were difficult,before that she was a perfect child(she’s beautiful). Our daughter Angela(20) was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes(not caused by a bad diet) ar 5-there were behaviors(tantrums concerning food-she’s thin) before the diagnosis to indicate something was wrong.

Spare the rod and spoil the child is from a Samuel Butler(1612-1680) poem.

It’s “funny†how those Scriptures-Proverbs 13 and 23 seem to me -as a grandmother. I, also, have daughters-in-law who were raised in nonspanking homes and think spanking is abusive(when my friends are even shocked those Scriptures are marked in my KJV Bible). A close friend recently told me she thought my children were just well-behaved and I never spanked (or raised my voice). Those Scriptures seem to be speaking of father/son discipline. Since according to the Bible, one is an adult at 20(Numbers 1:45,Num. 14:29, Ex. 30:14, 1 Chron. 23:24,27,etc.) it seems to apply to sons under 20-â€childâ€. It, also, would be good to think of Psalm 23(“rodâ€) and read a book like- A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23- to learn how a real and good shepherd treats his sheep(the author gives examples of bad shepherds and their sheep). I think that the word “beat†means to swat on the bottom more than once(never strike the face as the teeth and spirit are affected). Two/three swats on the bottom are humbling-never with a belt like my friends were-that’s abuse. We want our children to be better not bitter. I have 4 granddaughters( 1 yr.,2Om.,2yrs. and 3yrs.)- I watch three of them and I can’t imagine ever giving them even one swat on the bottom. When my children were in diapers they never were spanked-not even one swat on the bottom.

I read somewhere that elephants spank their young- with their trunks. I wonder if that’s true. I,also, read that they are great mothers.

1 Thessalonians 2:7(KJV)-â€But we were gentle among you, even as a nurse cherisheth her childrenâ€

PS: I couldn't sleep last night, so I made evil shadow bunnies on my wall. It really does look like 666 in 3D.

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