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[Repost] Oh those rascally pranksters! The Staddons and what


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http://staddonfamily.com/.../roberts-last-day/ Before dear, precious, Robert marries, sweet, precious Kendalyn, the boys of the two families combine to play a last boyish prank on now-has-to-be-grown-up-and-serious Robert........I couldn't hope to top such stirring prose as "to retire to his lodgings for the evening."

Possibly, just possibly, even more clever than the "WHERE IN the world was your laundry made" game......

Jeaven? Somebody's named Jeaven?

hmm...it's saying page not found

I got page not found too, but I just went to the main page and it's the first posting.

yep! Got it smile.gif

Okay, read it. And I'm going to have to say, that would NOT be my idea of a good time. Do these people know about beer or music? I'm thinking no.

Haha - read the next story - I have heard that one in a MILLION different forms. A young teenager, ready to commit suicide, and a classmate just HAPPENS to call or stop by...a young wife (or husband - equal opportunity here!), ready to walk away from the family, and a good friend just HAPPENS to arrive at that exact moment...blah, blah, blah...

These guys really need new/original material...

The hotel management must have just LOVED having to drain and clean the pool because of these goobers.

The story is told almost verbatim on other sites, including the "I once heard a story about an 11-year-old pastor’s son..."

Even the prelude to the story is copied!

I remember these type of BS stories from my wayward youth* in the Baptist church. I often wondered if they thought they were telling parables like Jesus did, or if they knew they were telling outright lies.

(*yes, he's a pretty big boy now - LOL)

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I am so sorry these guys just can't be normal guys. They all look so emasculated...

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