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Yet Another Youtube Fundie


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I have never been able to understand how these women think that getting on their soapboxes and trying to convert others with "logical" arguments is "feminine" in the sense they are trying to revert to.


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I only managed to watch about 30 seconds before I got mad and had to click off, so I don't know her full argument. I do agree to one thing but to completely different ends. I don't think the answer to sexist thought/ideas/institutions/social prescriptions etc. is to say that men and women are equal and therefore the same because it's simply not true. Yes, I think we ought to be treated exactly the same in areas where sex difference doesn't matter such as equal pay or enfranchisement to use historical examples. But in terms of reproduction and reproductive rights it's obviously impossible to treat us the same. Moreover, we genderized so much differently than boys and men that we often have different opinions and outlooks or approaches to things and I hope, one of things third wave feminists will continue to do is to value different types of women's experiences and to consider more of them validly feminist.

The thing I hate about these fundies is that while they claim promoting difference is not promoting inequality, they in their next breath preach male headship and wifely submission. Logic fail.

This has been slightly OT but it got me riled up. I don't think the answer to multiculturalism is complete assimilation, but rather acknowledging and celebrating cultural differences whilst still being part of the same nation and sharing a lot of the same opinions and goals. I feel the same about feminism, we needn't chuck women all into the same mold and presume we all have the same opinion. Yes, we have common goals but we might not all agree on how to achieve them and that's the beauty of it. As far as I'm concern there's room for every woman who demands to be considered a person.

/rant ends here.

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