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Happy Birthday Wizzy Arndt

0 kids n not countin

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omg, she looks like a fourth grader! srsly, half of my daughter's class looks like that. She seems short in comparison to the counter, also. At her age, she is almost her full adult height.

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Funny! I was actually coming here to post about "Wizzy's" 15th B-day! The Arndt's were some of my gateway fundies, although I consider them fundie-lite in some respects.

I feel so sorry for this child/young lady. I have yet to see a picture of her with a girl her own age that isn't a cousin. Her life seems to consist of baking for her brothers. And that's about it. Wears her hair in braids like dear old Mom. The future does not look bright for this young lady... clearly her parents are determined to keep her and her 9 older brothers in perpetual childhood and living at home forever. I too noticed she seems short and "underdeveloped" for her age. Makes you sort of wonder if the the constant child treatment impacts her puberty in some way.

Anyway, I'm sure her 16th B-day picture will look similar to the one at 15.

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