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NY Times re: TLC PR Spokeswoman: "No comment"


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Found this at the NYT today and found it interesting re: how TLC and their PR spokesperson, the focus of the article, handle reality TV nightmares e.g. Jon and Kate Gosselin divorce, and other disasters or PR nightmares involving TLC shows. I was quite surprised that there was no mention of the Duggars, Jubilee debacle or the current Iowa 3 ring circus. Still, it is interesting to see what TLC says publically is how they do business...


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I kind of have to admire that the PR person 'lets the shows speak for themselves'. I don't think the Duggars have quite elevated to the level Khate did, which is why they weren't mentioned. They've been in the news increasingly, though. Not responding to questions is pretty good for TLC's business- they can stir the pot as much as they like and broadcast the biggest freakshows in America, but an endless back-and-forth between PR and the media would probably have those shows cancelled quickly. Meanwhile, it's the stars of the reality shows who dig their own graves.

It's pretty smart.

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