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How about a FJ Nicknames Glossary?


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I feel bad every time I have to hijack a thread to ask who a certain nickname refers to, and I'm sure that it's very annoying for people to have to point it out for the umpteenth time. So how about a list of nicknames? If it got good, it could maybe get stickied and help out future members and noobs like me. I've listed the ones I know in alphabetical family/group categories, and if others could suggest some more, since I don't know very many, I'll try to add them all to the original post and get a good list going :)

The Andersons

PP (what does this stand for?) = Steven

The Duggars

Boob = Jim Bob

Dim Bulb = Jim Bob

Juterus = Michelle

Mullet = Michelle

Smuggar = Josh

J'Slaves = Older girls (Jana, Jill, Jessa, Jinger and Joy)

Howler Monkeys = Middle boys (Jed, Jer, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson)


TT (Taliban Tony) = Tony

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PP stand for 'pissing preacher'. there is a youtube video of him delivering a sermon on the importance of the kjv because it uses the phrase 'pisseth against the wall' (or something to that effect), whereas those 'weak' translations don't use the word 'piss'.

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I love calling Josh Duggar "Smuggar" because the name just fits him so well. May I meekly suggest the nickname THS for Anna? THS would stand for "Toilet Hovering Simpleton" or it could stand for "toilet hovering Smuggarette"

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NR Anna =Non Reversal Anna Maxwell since they changed her name to Anna Marie and we didn't like it

The Reversals (variations for this are used) any kids born after Steve reversed his vasectomy

John Marie- The boy/man hanging around for "business" with the Maxwells. Since Anna became Anna Marie, we decided John will be John Marie as they already have John.

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Anna Duggar was also known on another board as simply "the chick with the turned up nose".

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