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Another way NCFIC fleeces the flock


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So I have a confession to make. I feed my fundie obsession by listening to a lot of the mp3's from NCFIC, the Botkins, VF, etc. Many of these are free, ( Sermon Audio has a great selection of the crazy, and you can download a lot of the "conference speaker" stuff for free from the NCFIC website) some of the stuff I pay for. I have made peace with the idea of giving these people money because I make an an effort to discuss the paid stuff here on FJ and shine a bit of light on the awfulness, and I have been known to "share" upon request.

Ok, on to my point. This morning I attempted to purchase the audio from the "Gospel Centered Marriages" conference NCFIC just held. I had happy thoughts about the many hours of crazy that awaited me: Debra Brown lecturing on marital relations (for married women only, natch), how to prepare a toddler for marriage- it was going to be Christmas in November for me 8-) So as I am about to hit the pay button, I notice that pay pal had added a $12.50 shipping and handling charge to my purchase. Remember, this would be my purchase of downloadable audio mp3's. So I don't hit send, and instead I send a polite email to NCFIC (they do not have a customer service email) asking why I would be charged shipping and handling on a purchase that would be neither shipped nor handled. I have yet to receive a response from the good gentlemen.

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Hahahaha! Shipping and handling!

To be fair, it might simply be a glitch - a box they failed to check or something simple like that when adding the MP3 to their store.

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To give them the benefit of the doubt, it could be a programming or data entry error. It's been known to happen. I remember an incident at my job where someone issued a reboot command to what he thought was one device. Nope, it was for every device in the company. Oops. What we did learn from this is that the devices came back up rapidly, but this isn't something you want to do on a regular basis, so it's been fixed that this command can't be issued any more.

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Wow. I didn't know they were the ones responsible for the little men who live in the tubes who package all the electronic data into packets and send them on their way for the men at the other end of the tubes to unpack and to put together on your computer. Must be so troublesome being responsible for those little men in the tubes.

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I agree it could be an error, it happens with pay pal. I just find it interesting that

1. even though they sell a lot of merch, there is no direct way to contact anything resembling customer service. I had to select "other" from a drop down menu of acceptable email titles to send my inquiry.

2. Even if I was buying the CD's, $12.50 is crazy expensive shipping from NC to where I live.

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So this morning I received a polite email from Mr. David E Brown explaining that at the moment they are only “selling the mp3’s on cd, and not for downloadâ€. While the explanation and product description seems a bit confused, since I think the good folks at NCFIC are a bit confused by the MP3 concept, it does explain the shipping costs, and he did respond to my inquiry within a reasonable time frame.

He is also a very trusting soul, since his business email signature included his cell phone number.

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Ok, so if you can't quite afford to buy the VF tool for dad's manhood arsenal, you can instead purchase for the low, low price of $10 something almost as creepy:


Building a Culture of Godly Fatherhood

Dear Friends,

One of the most critical reformations necessary in our era is a recovery of biblical fatherhood. This is why I spend a portion of my time working for the restoration of the biblical family life. This is also why some of the books I have written seek to spread this message. Two of them are Building a God-Centered Family and Preparing Boys for Battle.

I believe that Building a God-Centered Family is one of the most important summaries ever written of how fathers ought to lead their families. It is extremely practical. It is actually an edited reprint of a sermon deliverd by Matthew Henry on April 16, 1704. He preached this abundantly practical sermon as an encouragement to fathers to develop the spiritual life of their families in their homes.

Preparing Boys for Battle is a handbook for dads to help them train their sons for battle. In this book, you will find lessons for manhood that arise from the WWII battle for Iwo Jima with its fighter planes, amphibious assaults, foxholes, cave warfare, and flamethrowers. It contains seventeen critical exhortations that I believe sons ought to hear from their fathers.

For a short time, I am offering these two books as a bundle with over 50% savings. If you order these before midnight on Wednesday, June 13, 2012, you can purchase what is normally about a $24 value for just $10!

***Click Here to Find Out More and to Purchase This Gift for Dad.***

Free Fatherhood Resources

I also have many free messages dealing with fatherhood — covering the doctrine of the family, sin in the family, portraits of honor and courage with Jonadab and Joshua in the Bible, and many more.

It is critical that men rise up in this generation to establish godly fatherhood and to raise up young men to become godly fathers for the coming generations.


Scott Brown — Director, NCFIC


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