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For those of you who don't want to pay to see Courageous.


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If you wanna go see it, it would be in your best interest to NOT read this because I'm going over every detail. The Lord saw it fit to bless me with a free ticket Tuesday night, and immediately I thought to myself "I can't wait to tell the girls at Free Jinger!" I wanted to post this right away, but unfortunately, its not possible to telepathically put stuff on the internet.... although that would be awesome. And I'm working on a story for NaNoWriMo at the same time that I'm posting this. So if I miss something, I'm sorry. The important stuff is getting in here.

It starts out, theres this guy pulling into the gas station in his nice big SUV. He pumps his gas, and then sees his windsheild is dirty. The wiper fluid is empty from his pump, so he has to go to the next one. (This took about ten minutes and I'm just waiting for the car to explode) No explosion, but the guy has made the mistake of leaving the keys in the car, the door open AND THE CAR RUNNING! So naturally, this big black guy comes out of nowhere, jumps in the car, and tears off.

The owner of the car yells "NO!" and runs after the car. He catches up, jumps up, and grabs the steering wheel. Theres a struggle for the car for a few minutes, and lots of bloodyness, and the guy almost gets hit several times by passing vehicles. Finally, the theif crashes, opens the door, pounds the living crap out of the owner, and then gets into an SUV with an even BIGGER black guy, and they drive off.

Concerned passerby's stop to help the guy. One woman is calling 911, while the other is trying to make him lie down. He drags himself to the car, opens the back door and reveals a toddler in his seat crying.

The police show up, and we find out the guy's name is Nathan Hayes. We also find out, he's the new cop in town, and is starting his job on Monday. The other officers, Adam Mitchell (the main character) and Shane Fuller (Adam's partner and best friend) ask Nathan why he did what he did. Didnt he know how dangerous that was? Nathan said "All I could think about was saving my kid"

As they leave, Adam and Shane are talking, and they ask "Would you have grabbed the wheel?" Neither one of them knows.

Adam goes home, and is faced with a glaring wife. His wife is mad because Adam missed Emily's dance recital! She let Emily stay up all night long to wait for her dad to tell her all about it. Also, his son is going to be asking about the 5 Mile Dad and Son race. Adam says the race aint happening. Emily, a beautiful nine year old girl, who you can just TELL is the sweetest girl on the planet, walks in and tells her daddy all about the recital. She messed up three times... but another girl messed up four so she didn't feel so bad. Emily is sent to bed, and the son Dylan comes inside from running. They talk, and argue about the race. Adam says "You're already on the track team!" Dylan says "I can't run because I'm a freshman. And I can't sign up for this unless you run too" Dylan storms off in a huff. Adam's wife tries to tell him the only way he's going to bond is if he does what Dylan wants to do. Adam asks why Dylan can't help him build the new shed, and his wife says "Because thats YOUR thing, not his!"

Ok peoples I have to regroup, I'm sorry. I'm doing research for this story for NaNoWriMo, AND I'm typing it up, and I will post more later when I'm not quite so busy. Seriously, I'm getting it all in here.... including the Duggars and how they interrupted me when I was all caught up in the middle of it.

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....cause everyone knows black people are SO criminal that they wait for ANY chance to take advantage of good honest folk. who are white.

And the plot at home sounds very forced. What wife wouldn't stop being pissed about dh being late when they heard that their son was nearly kidnapped? And WHY exactly doesn't the dad want to do the father/son race? Imaginary conflict alert!

Question: does the main male protagonist come off as kindof a jerk like the Fireproof protagonist?

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Yeah, when you see the police room, theres only one black person... its Nathan the new cop. And theres only one woman that I could see. And I was thinking the EXACT SAME THING! This is also a DAD RULES movie, so be warned.

The next morning, at the first meeting of the day, the Sheriff comes up and starts talking. First of all, the youngest cop, David Thompson, has finally reached his one year point and is no longer a rookie! YAY! He then introduces Nathan to the staff, and says David is his partner. He pulls out a piece of paper that was emailed to him and reads it. Its talking about the statistics of what happens to kids when they are without fathers. I can't remember the exact statistics, nor do I feel like looking it up, but basically the biggest one was them getting involved in gangs, then drugs, then some other things. He says "The point I'm making here is that although its tough here, and you see a lot of bad, when you're off shift, go spend time with your kids."

In the cafeteria, Adam, Shane, Nathan, and David are all sitting together talking. Adam asks if they think those statistics are accurate. Nathan says it is. The area he was in before he moved was infested with kids who were bad because they didn't have their fathers.

We move onto Nathan going home. His wife tells him that his daughter, Jade, wants to talk to him... about a BOY!!!! Not just ANY boy... but a SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD!!!! Nathan is thrown into defense mode. "Jade, you are only fifteen! You can't date til your seventeen! And who is this boy!?" "Daddy he's really nice!" They argue about it, and supper is ready. "I'm not hungry!" Jade declares defiantly. "Well, I'd like for you to sit at the table with us at least" Nathan says.

Moving onto a Hispanic man doing construction work. He is called away from what he is doing. Now, we are at a house, and this Hispanic woman is in the kitchen (I just realized the woman is always in the kitchen in this movie) yelling at her kids. The man comes home, and the woman says "Javier, what are you doing home so soon?" Javier says "They let me go Carmen." Carmen says "Why didn't you call me!? I could have talked to them! What are we going to tell the kids!?" Javier says "They told me they overstaffed, and I was the last person they hired." "What are we going to do!? We're almost out of food, the kids need clothes, and we owe 400 dollars at the end of the month!" Javier hands her an envelope. "Here's three hundred dollars. I will walk and go find work. Take the car and get the kids what they need." "I can't take the car while my husband walks!" Finally it gets sorted out, and he goes to find a job.

Hang on you guys I have to check the computer back out, I'll be back in ten minutes.

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You know to be honest, I like watching all-male-character films, My favorite one was Master and Commander with Russell Crowe. But when it heavily involves religion and super-macho-ism, I kinda think its gay (no offense to any gays) and very rubbish. Yes I am a man and I want to have my moments (who doesn't?) but I would never go as far as patriarchy or stereotyping women.

This movie already sounds tearfully boring.

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Okay, so we're in the car with Adam, Shane, and Adam's daughter Emily. Adam is making fun of Shane's shirt. We learn Shane is getting a divorce, and it looks like she gets custody of their son. Adam realizes his daughter is in the car, and says to change the subject. "Wait, not yet!" she says "Whats al-i-mone-y?" Adam says "It's when a big goober like Shane wears an ugly shirt like that!" Shane asks Emily what SHE thinks. Emily says she loves it. Adam says "She's nine, what does she know?" Shane says "Dylan loved it too." Adam: Dylan is a fifteen year old boy. What does he know? That shirt is ugly!" Meanwhile, Emily is just giggling away. They pull up to the bank, and Emily asks Shane to bring her a sucker. Shane says he will, makes a snide remark to Adam, and goes inside.

A song comes on the radio, and Emily says "Ooh! I love this song!" And reaches up front and turns up the volume. "Come dance with me Daddy!" she says. She gets out on the grass and tugs on him. Adam says "Honey, there are PEOPLE around! They're WATCHING!" (Personally, I would think it was sweet if I saw a man dancing with his daughter at the bank... but what do I know?) She begs him for a few more minutes, and finally he says "Why don't you dance, and I'll watch?" Emily looks dissapointed, but then she smiles and says "Okay! When you're ready to dance, this is what you will do. You put your arm around my waist like this, and put your hand in mine like this. Then you sway to the music" And she dances, pretending he's dancing with her. It was kind of sweet, I admit. Then she says "Will you dance with me now?" Adam looks around and then gets a look on his face. Emily just giggles. Then Shane comes back, and asks "Are you trying to teach your dad how to dance?" Shane makes remarks about her dad never dancing, and Emily just giggles. Shane makes everyone get back in the car.

The next scene is Shane and Adam are at a house. They have an arrest warrant for this one guy, and go to his house. Adam knocks on the door, and a black woman opens it. Adam asks about the guy, and the woman says "I don't know nothin about it, I aint even supposed to be here!" and walks away. Nathan and David take the back door, and Shane and Adam go in. While they are investigating the inside, Nathan calls David a rookie, and David says "I'm not a rookie anymore!" So Nathan asks David who needs to watch the back door. David says "I can do it!" So he stands with his back to the door, and starts fidgeting. Nathan just rolls his eyes.

Inside, Adam and Shane are going up into an attic. Theres a boy of about ten standing there. "What are you doing here?" Adam asks. "I was told to stand here til my uncle came back" he says. Suddenly, theres a rush, and the big black guys and their buddies are running out the door! David's back was turned, and so he gets tackled. It takes about ten seconds too long for Nathan to notice, and then he's after them!

Long scene with lots of macho fighting, and running. One guy is caught putting drugs under a stone, and he gets thrown in the cop car. Then Nathan catches the guy who got away with his car. Now the HUGE black guy (I guess is the gang leader) is watching and he lets it be known with his fingers that Nathan is going DOWN. David apologizes for acting like such a rookie. (Now I'm just wondering. If the man has been a cop for a year now, shouldn't he already know how to handle himself? He shouldn't be acting like a bumbling newbie, right?) On the car ride back, Adam is talking about his shed. Shane says he knows a guy named Javier who does great work, but he expects 150 dollars a day. Shane says "Bring him on" and tells him to meet him the next day at his house.

Meanwhile, back at Casa Martinez, Javier is all excited! He has a job! He has to be in at 8 am! He doesnt care that the car is out of gas! The Lord has provided, and they will make it!

Until the next day, when he gets to the job site late (which is actually a construction job) He came too late though, the guy just hired two other men. So Javier walks off dejected. (At this point I'm going "huh? What about the shed?") So Javier is walking along asking God in Spanish "Why?" He winds up outside Adam's house, who says "Javier?" Javier is confused. He doesn't understand whats going on, just that theres a man who's giving him 150 dollars a day to work on his shed. (At this point, you realize there must be another Javier even though its not said yet.)

Javier goes home, his wife is happy, his kids are happy, blah blah blah.

We're back at the police cafeteria three days later, and Shane's telling Adam he's sorry his buddy Javier didn't get there yesterday. He got in an accident and is in the hospital. They go back and forth about this for a little bit, and now its Adam who is confused. "But Javier is at my house! He's a madman! He's gotten this shed done in half the time I thought it would be done!" "No, Javier is in the hospital. He has tubes and IV's all over him." Finally, Nathan says "Obviously you guys are talking about two different men." So Adam goes home.

"Javier, whats your name?"


"No, I mean whats your full name?"

"Javier Martinez. Whats YOUR full name?"

"Adam Mitchell. How did you know I was building a shed?"

"You told me."

"How did you know I was paying you 150 dollars a day?"

"You told me."

Adam is confused, and Javier says "Look, I don't know whats going on, but I do know that this job means I get to keep my house. I get to feed my kids. I'm afraid of whats gonna happen when its done though."

The phone starts vibrating against the wood.

Adam says he'll help Javier get on at the thread factory, the phone keeps vibrating. Finally, Shane pulls up in a cop car. Little Emily has been in an accident. Yes, Little Emily dies. Everyone starts crying. Then we see the funeral... and hey! Wait a minute! (my brain says) The Duggars are in this scene! I wonder if I get to see Joy-Anna crying! So although the movie has made me cry, I'm stopping cause I'm too busy looking for the Duggars to care. I saw Jessa, a blurry shot of Jinger... then Jessa again with a blonde buddy next to her (I couldnt see his face), then Joy-Anna, and the bottom part of Jill's face.

I went to go refill the popcorn at this point, so I'll stop here for the evening. I'll be back tomorrow to put up more.

Hey, a free ticket is a free ticket... and I wanted to see the Duggarlings. lol

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My mom and my niece saw it last week. My niece said it was ok but way too preachy. My mom said the story was like a Hallmark Movie of the week and the actors chewed their cardboard scenery nicely.

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