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This is probably far from comprehensive, but the Yuku board is a pain to search. I'm attempting to put these in chronological order with a general description. If anyone digs up more threads, link and date and I can add them.



I'm not sure how I came across Paulina ("Lina", now). If this a repost and we have discussed before, I am sorry! I have been following her for a while now. She reminds me of The God is Writing my Love Story girl in that her parents are not supportive and she follows hebrew traditions. By her account, she was a very normal, mini-skirt-wearing teenager until she became convicted. She has seemed to truly go off the deep end and is getting deeper by the day. She refuses to attend regular college (even though her parents would like her to), has started calling herself "Lina" instead of Paulina, observes Shabbat and is currently debating covering her head. She's really stunning and seems to everything going for her. I wonder daily what caused this. Can't wait to hear your thoughts (and snark!).

The general consensus at this point seems to be that Lina is a bit confused but sweet.



In which Lina treats a wound with garlic paste.



Am I ready for the responsiblity of a relationship? Taking it further, am I ready for the possibility of marriage? Can online relationships work? How important is personality? Likes/dislikes? If a man is in love with His Savior, completely zealous and passionate about His Word, does anything else matter?

I think this is when TT resurfaced but I'm not sure. In retrospect - scary! Does Lina even like the guy that she married?



"My plans?? My plans, dear readers, are simply to be a wife and a mother, dedicated to her husband and home. That's it. When a man and a woman marry, they become one. Suddenly, his plans become her plans, his goals, her goals."

Plans?? Who needs 'em? And who needs an identity of her own? That's what Husbands are for! This girl makes me seriously ill.



watch Lina get sucked in deeper & deeper... The new evils are: Sunday worship & Easter, which is sooo Evil we have to spell it E*ster...sigh....

She certainly ha the right to be whatever made up religion she wants to be, but she's sponging off her folks and, from what I can gather, driving them crazy. She keeps posting all this stuff about "a house divided cannot stand", which I take it to mean she is seriously pissed at her parents for refusing to join her in fake Jewyness, which is probably a bit aggravating to live with.

I'm also concerned that she will come across some man through her blog and marry him sight unseen, since she seems willing to believe absolutely anything she finds on the internet, and who knows how that will end.



Lina doesn't understand Judaism and messes something up, not for the first or the last time. Also, she's being oppressed! persecuted!

One of our Jewish members will be able to explain in more detail, I'm positive, but the short version is that L-rd isn't God's name; it's a title. During prayer, Jews say Adonai (my Lord) in place of the name of God. They don't write A-onai. By writing Lord as L-rd, Lina is taking a rule she doesn't understand and applying it where it's not applicable.

This is probably the most exciting thing that's happened to Lina since she cured an infection with chopped garlic and prayer. She's REALLY BEING PERSECUTED for her beliefs, y'all! People (other than her parents) are being not entirely kind about her whiplash-inducing changes of religion! She even gets to write a "gracious" blog entry about how she loves us even though we criticize her!

Because people discussing your public statements on a public messageboard is totally the same as being jailed or physically abused for your religious beliefs. TOTALLY THE SAME.

Unrelated to Lina but included because it's hilarious:

Have the Vision Forum interns really run out of things to do between dodging Dougie's attempts at grab-ass?



Lina and her Torah Boy are gonna visit in person!!

O Torah Boy, the blogs, the blogs are calling,

From sin to sin, and through my modest pride.

Tu B'shvat's gone, and all the trees are planted,

'Tis you, 'tis you must come make me your bride.

So come ye back when hamentashen all are stuffed,

Or when the matza's dry and white with chrain.

'Tis I'll be here in long sleeves and a denim skirt

Oh Torah boy, oh Torah boy, I love you so.

And if you come, when all the flowers are dying

And I am dead, as dead I well may be

You'll come and find the place where I am lying

Shuckle and say an "Oy vey" there for me.



We are hurting Lina's feelings :(

Except maybe we aren't? She wants us to stop, but she's flattered by the attention?

To the FJ ladies/women/people?...

Hello there!

I'm mainly concerned about some of the other bloggers you have been discussing...Discuss me all you want! I'm quite flattered by the attention, not that I ever asked for it!

But really, I don't get it. Are your lives so dull that you must discuss somebody else's? Or maybe it's fun to sit around criticizing those people you don't agree with...perhaps as a way to forget your own problems?

I'm sure that's not the case, I guess I'm just failing to see the motivation behind such a forum.

Genuinly perplexed and confused,


This thread includes her first meeting with TT and several people thought he was cute.



Lina: When You're Done Being A (Jesus Worshipping) Fake Jew

I find her to be shallow, narcissistic, lazy, disrespectful to her parents, religiously presumptuous, and completely ignorant. In a way, she is worse than the Duggar and Botkin girls, because her parents are not fundie. She is doing this herself....it is not being foisted on her, yet people seem to love her. She makes my skin crawl every time she says, "G_d" or "Ye'shua" or whatever the hell Hebrew words she has appropriated. She and her scruffy looking online lover make me crazy with their insistence that they can be both Christian and Orthodox Jews.



So I just checked out Lina's lastest blog post, and wouldn't you know it, the wonderful, amazing, awesome, totally perfect Anthony is now posting.

Is it just me, or does it bother anyone else that Lina can't answer these questions for herself? Why does she need Anthony to answer for her?

They aren't even married yet, and she is already playing the adoring dim witted wife bit. I can just picture her staring up at him while he prattles on about a bunch of non-sense.

I realize she is only 19, and honestly that scares me even more. I fear she is going to marry this guy before she has time to come to her senses.

She strikes me as the type who likes to latch on to an idea, take it to the extreme to get lots of attention, and then abandon it when something more interesting comes along.

If she marries this guy I have a feeling she'll be pregnant in no time flat, and then she won't be easily rid of Mr. Wonderful when the next new thing strikes her fantsy.

She has train wreck written all over her, and she's brought it all on herself, but I still feel sorry for her.



The appearance of Taliban Tony at Free Jinger, and Lina's first(?) flounce.

The following TT and Lina quotes were copied and pasted from Lina's blog to Free Jinger.

Yuck, that Anthony has commented on one of her posts (May 3, 2011): " Some things that an evil husband demands SHOULD NOT be followed through with. When should his decisions be questioned? When his decisions lead to an infraction against the Torah, G-d's Law/Instruction, that is. HOWEVER, even in these cases, he must be HONORED and shown the truth clearly and RESPECTFULLY! Disrespect to a man from his own wife is equivalent to a death threat from a malicious neighbor." and "Submission is equivalent to obedience! At least form a Torah/Biblical perspective it is."

Now... apply this principal to his wife. A mans wife is EVERYTHING TO HIM! She IS his life! Without his wife a man has nothing! SO... How Much More troubling, and unsettling, is it when a man is disrespected by his own wife. It is the worst thing that could befall a man... even if he deserves it!

Allow me to offer my perspective about your whole Taliban statement: IF you want your husband to begin acting as though he were a Taliban Soldier enforcing Sharia Law... then disrespect him, and so will your outcome be. However, IF you want to live your life with a peaceful man that treasures you and Loves you with all of his might... then submit and follow him, and so will your outcome be.

This blog post is directed at the malicious online forum called Free Jinger.

I am tired. Dead tired of having my privacy trampled upon.

Yes, I have a public blog. But what right do you have to go around flashing warning lights and spreading lies about me and my family, people you don't know? Why?

There is absolutely nothing to be worried about. What have I ever done to you, FJers? Why do you speak about me on your forums? Why do you go so far as to contact one of my family members about an issue that isn't even an issue?

How dare you?

You don't know me. You don't know Anthony. You don't know my family.

So leave me alone. Please.

There is absolutely nothing G-dly or good about what you do.

Gizmola's letter to Lina:

Please, please, please read through these comments. These women are older, wiser, more mature, have greater life experience and are sincerely, genuninely worried about your wellbeing. Anthony is not a good guy. No good guy requires obedience and submission. A real man wants a woman with her own brain, her own thoughts, her own opinions and is confident about sharing them. No real man needs to be obeyed. Real, grown up, mature, loving, caring, chilvalrous men do not need a woman to look up to him, to submit to him. That's all bullshit. A real man wants a woman to challenge him, to make him think, to be well-rounded, educated, interested in the world, have hobbies, have friends, have a life outside of him. True individuality. You believe you're in love with the first guy who has shown you attention. He is exhibiting some HUGE red flags that any woman with any experience with men can tell you indicate that this is a man with some serious issues, some serious problems and is very much on the path to becoming an abusive man. Sure, he's loving and charming and adoring now. But wait until you make a mistake or disagree with him. Sweetie, you are not in love. You are in infatuation. With him, with this fairy tale you've created in your mind about the kind of life you want. You are too young to know this yet. But trust people who are far more knowledgable than you. Nothing good can come of this man. Does Anthony encourage you to have your own opinions? How does he react if you disagree with him? Does he make mention of his family? What is their relationship? Does he express strong opinions of how you should dress, how you should react, what you should say, how you should behave? Does he get upset or annoyed or shut down emotionally if you disagree or disobey him? These are serious questions borne of serious concern. I wish you all the best, but I think you're headed down a very dangerous path. The women in this thread have said it far more eloquently than I have. Read what they have to say. Join in the conversation. Accept the advice and help offered.

Taliban Tony shows up at comment #102 if you want to skip to that. I'm only quoting his first post. FJers respond with disgust, horror, and mockery.

This is disgusting! There are MOTHERS that participate in this slanderous nonsense? I'm ashamed to even read this!

To anyone here that possesses even a hint of wisdom, can you not see that every single comment above is completely deprived of truth and reason!?Surely, all of you being grown and mature women(I'm assuming), know that any statement made by any person can be twisted, and corrupted, and used to justify any deceitful purpose. The conclusions that have been so painfully drawn out above are so far away from the truth that it is almost hilarious! It is shameful to even read them! This is pitiful. How could any grown human stoop to such a level of cyber-slander and bullying!?

I will not insult anyone here, but I will ask a simple question. What made you want to write these untruthful things? They are obviously wrong!

If you all continue to Slander, and Bully innocent people, you may EASILY end up being prosecuted under some very serious charges!

I will say one last thing. I Love Paulina and her family! Her dad and I have a great relationship! I am a part of their family, and they are a part of mine! How in the world did you all allow yourselves to think in such foolish ways? I am disgusted by this forum and everything that it stands for! It is truly shameful! You all openly show the corruption and wickedness that is inside of you when you stoop to such levels as this! ... You should all start paying closer attention to the things that you read on Paulina's blog, it may help you all grow to be better and more mature women.

If anyone wants to find something or just catch up with the Lina drama, hopefully this will help.

My short version Lina summary is located here if you want the Cliff notes:


**Edited twice to add links.

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Believe it or not, I actually cut and pasted the 9 comments Lina posted yesterday on her last blog post before she made the blog private (and they're not all positive!). I don't know why I did this, I guess I just had a feeling she might do something like that. Snark away!


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‪Suzanne McDaniel said...

Can't say I blame you.. they are a very intrusive bunch.. 

"Oh.. we just snark!"

no, you call CPS on innocent people, you invent in your minds that people's boyfriends are abusive (when they aren't) and call the woman's parents, I could go on and on.. Not only are they mean, I believe they are a bit mentally unstable. They have recently been talking about how it may be best to kidnap someone's child.

November 1, 2011 1:45 PM

‪Sarah said...

I'm sorry you are doing this. I love reading your blog. I was actually going to post this: mostlykosher.blogspot.com/2011/10/finding-sympathy-for-burqa-cult.html and ask your thoughts on it.

November 1, 2011 1:58 PM

‪Audrey said...

You know, I just have to say that posting on a PUBLIC blog is NOT "invading someone's privacy."

If you really want people on the internet the leave you alone (there are thousands, all with different opinions and intents. You have to accept the good with the bad), then make your blog only viewable to those who you wish.

I would miss reading your posts as I genuinely care about you (I know you don't know me well. I often disagree, but I CARE about you as a person), but the reality is that they have the freedom to do that when people choose to put there personal lives into the public eye. If you want to keep your privacy...well, keep your privacy!

All the best.

November 1, 2011 2:09 PM

‪Audrey said...


I care about you as a person and I will miss your posts, but I want to point something out here.

You have chosen to make your personal life viewable to the internet public eye. The internet is a huge place filled with people of all sorts of opinions and intents. No matter if what these people say and do is right or wrong, you have put yourself out there by CHOOSING to make your life public.

Posting on someone's blog is not invading privacy. Being concerned about the well-being of children is NOT invading privacy. 

The internet is not the place to fence off your own little private world unless you actually take the steps available to do that. Make your blog truly private and viewable only to those you wish to see it. It would be a bummer and I personally would miss keeping up with your life even if I disagree sometimes, but you have to realize that the internet is quite a bit different than "real life". You still have the tools to control your environment though, and I don't think you have much right to complain about "privacy" if you KNOW these people have full access to your "private" life.

All the best. I hope you do whatever you believe is best.

November 1, 2011 2:14 PM

‪Audrey said...

Here is another idea. Don't read the website. If they comment on your blog, delete it and move on. You are choosing a controversial lifestyle, so you have to accept that people are going to disagree. Especially when you tell people everything you are doing. Some people may be well intentioned, others may be mean (I'm speaking generally now - not just that side), but as you are growing and figuring out who you are as a person and what you believe you are going to face all kinds of people who disagree and want to challenge you. So, I say this with respect and caring, but you need to grow a little backbone. :) Words hurt, yes. But people are ALWAYS going to be throwing hurtful words around throughout your life. Take this as a lesson in learning what you need to do for yourself personally. If that's taking a break - great. Hiding your blog? Ok. But along with those things maybe contemplate how you personally can GROW from these experiences and hurtful things. You can't do anything about the actions of others, you can only control how they affect you. It's a tough lesson, but a good one. It helps us become a better person.

Again, I wish you the best. :) I hope married life continues to be fun and joyful for you as you two learn and grow together.

November 1, 2011 2:21 PM

‪Maria said...

Why don't you lock your comments (is that possible with blogger)? That's what I would do.

November 1, 2011 2:36 PM

‪Dogeared said...

Don't leave! I missed you when you went private! :D 

When I am being upset by something someone else says I stop and ask myself a few questions:

1. Am I upset at what they are saying because there is some truth in it and I don't want to admit it? (For me this is often the case. Especially when it comes to my husband, haha.) If so, what can I do to address this in my own life apart from the things that were said. Even if they weren't meaning their words as constructive criticism I can often acheive a lot of growth from them if I am open to admitting my own faults.

2. If I take the time to look deeper into why I am upset by their words and find that my anger isn't really defensiveness then I do my very best to ignore them. If it is written I just don't read it. If it is spoken I try to avoid situations where they can be spoken in my hearing again. If I am being true to myself and thinking of others and just generally living in a God-honoring way then I just remind myself that it really doesn't matter what others say!

So I (very selfishly) suggest you take a look at whatever it is they have written or said to see if it is maybe a chance for personal growth and then just put them on permanent ignore. It's hard, but you could even download a program to block yourself from ever going there to see what they say.

November 1, 2011 3:06 PM

‪Tanya said...

This is sad news indeed, your blog is one of my favs... that forum certainly is full of venum... my only advice is to ignore them, but i guess that is easier said than done... just like the first comment i do suspect the women on that forum have a little bit too much time on their hands to sit around gossiping... they seem to have rather unfulfilled lives. 

well take care on you hiatus hope you return soon.

November 1, 2011 3:23 PM

‪Julie Marie said...

I hope you return soon! Ignore them. That is all you can do at this point. Blessings to you and Anthony!

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that forum certainly is full of venum

Every time I read this Alice Cooper starts to sing in my head, lol.

...I want to taste you but your lips are venomous poison

You're poison runnin'thru my veins...

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Fantastic, Lissar! It's amazing to read and relive the fuckery from the beginning to the present day.

Every time I read this Alice Cooper starts to sing in my head, lol.

...I want to taste you but your lips are venomous poison

You're poison runnin'thru my veins...

Don't you mean venumous?

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OMG, my brain autocorrected that, I didn't even see the error :D

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Guest Anonymous
Awesome job as always, Lissar.

Also, apparently I used to be genuinely fond of Lina? Hm.

Thanks pomology. I think I found your first FJ post on the 11/2/10 topic, and you didn't seem too impressed with her in that one. ;)

Ugh. Lina makes me want to vomit so much that I had to delurk to reply to this topic.

1) First of all, the fact that Ruth was talking to her mother-in-law, not her husband makes the situation completely different.

2) Ruth never said that she was going to blindly follow Naomi.

3) The fact that a fake Jew like Lina who refuses to actually take on the Jewish God and the Jewish people by, you know, conveting, would quote a section of Ruth that is so powerful for Jews who actually convert makes me want to smack her.

http://freejinger.yuku.com/sreply/77489 ... -Me-Vomit-

I think a lot of people felt for Lina when she was coming across as a young woman searching for meaning and trying to find herself, before she plunged so far down into the appropriation. She has always been kind of snotty. Everyone was very concerned for her when TT wrote that crazy stuff, but she wouldn't listen.

I included several posters' quotes that turned out to be eerily prophetic concerning what has happened so far, I hope that we're all wrong about how bad things could potentially become.

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Thanks pomology. I think I found your first FJ post on the 11/2/10 topic, and you didn't seem too impressed with her in that one. ;)

http://freejinger.yuku.com/sreply/77489 ... -Me-Vomit-

I think a lot of people felt for Lina when she was coming across as a young woman searching for meaning and trying to find herself, before she plunged so far down into the appropriation. She has always been kind of snotty. Everyone was very concerned for her when TT wrote that crazy stuff, but she wouldn't listen.

I included several posters' quotes that turned out to be eerily prophetic concerning what has happened so far, I hope that we're all wrong about how bad things could potentially become.

OMG, that means that today is my one year anniversary of derlurking on FJ! Yeah, clearly she drove me crazy at first, although in February I had apparently softened enough to say this, "Seriously, though, I'm fond of Lina (especially in comparison to other Messianic Jewish bloggers). I really do wish her well. Even if a lot of the time I think what she says is ridiculous."

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Guest Anonymous
OMG, that means that today is my one year anniversary of derlurking on FJ!

I didn't notice it was exactly a year ago - that is funny and awesome. Happy Snarking Birthday!

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Wait! The Hive Vagina is Venumous? I better pull the Patriarchal Dick out!

With some of the people discussed here, you'd think that we douche it often enough.

Disclamer: douching is actually really bad for vaginas.

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