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Vincent James: Another Male Supremacist Blaming Women for Misogyny


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‘How Can You Really Blame a Guy?’ White Nationalist Vincent James Blames Women for Misogynistic Extremism


The Secret Service’s National Threat Assessment Center released a report last week examining the “specific threat posed by misogynistic extremism,” particularly within the so-called “incel” community. The report analyzed a 2018 mass shooting that targeted women at a yoga studio in Florida carried out by a man with a long history of misogyny and threatening behavior toward woman.

On Wednesday, white nationalist Vincent James discussed the report during a livestream in which he dismissed the threat of “misogynistic extremism,” blamed women for any hatred directed at them, and defended men who lash out violently, asking, “How can you really blame a guy?”

“I am a misogynistic extremist,” James said, only somewhat facetiously. “I am a male supremacist.”

“Male supremacy has received increased attention in recent years from researchers, government agencies, and advocacy groups due to its association with high-profile incidents of mass violence,” James read from the report.

“Who can blame young guys nowadays?” he then asked. “Who can blame them?”

“I see [women] walking through the mall or walking through shops, and I see how these young women talk,” James continued. “We see how they act. We see it in the numbers. Like I said, a body count [of sexual partners] of 20 for chicks nowadays is like low. It’s low. And then they just jump from dude to dude to dude. It’s just a mess.”

After going on a tangent about how he, as a “traditional Catholic,” is trying to convince his wife that it is inappropriate for her to wear pants—an assessment with which his wife does not agree—James complained that modern society has made it nearly impossible for young men to meet women and so you can’t “really blame a guy” for lashing out violently.

“All of this together has made a lot of things worse, and it’s mainly affected men,” he said. “Men are discriminated against in family court. Men are discriminated against in the media, and they’re discriminated against in in society as a whole. And they see the way that women act, and they see the way that women treat them, and they see the way that women jump from guy to guy to guy to guy, and so how can you blame them for wanting to sit inside their room and play video games and sort of get lost in a digital universe of their own? And then you see them lash out sometimes. I mean, how can you really blame a guy?”

Click the link above if you want to watch the clip from his livestream.

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Sorry, guess I needed to watch his livestream. 

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