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IBLP, RVs, Back to the Land!


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Thanks to @EyesOpen for recommending @tialevingswriter on Instagram.  Here's the text from her post today.  I'm certain no one has mentioned a resurgence of a "back to the land" movement among the IBLP remnants, apparently its a very concerning thing.  Tia narrowly escaped this fate and discusses the difficulties of her life then.  She mentions that RC Jr. romancing "back to the land" during his Highland "ministries" time: 


We were already so insecure. I’d tried to get a divorce and been shut down by the church. I was at my lowest but hanging on day by day—recovering from my fifth baby, homeschooling my older three, juggling the medical needs of my sick toddler. And then the men’s forum and little magazines published in garages and “basement tapes” of RC Sproul Jr started romancing the homestead life. All the stability I scraped to hold onto would be gone.

For us, it didn’t quite happen. The only land we could afford was off grid in the Canadian Rockies and my Dad (my parents weren’t fundie) protested loudly enough about RV life for my husband to can it, at least for a little while. What did happen was only a little less severe, but I had a few more months yet.

Life was measured that way—in months. In paychecks. In tithe statements and Table Talk issues and “what’s on Doug’s Vision Forum blog today” squares. I lost track of my age, friends, dreams, plans.

Tia discusses that this RV/back to the land movement may be happening again: 

"I tremble when I hear families make the RV switch, and it’s resurgent. They liquidate their real estate investment, sell their belongings, make big donations to their IBLP congregation and headquarters (which is allegedly hemorrhaging money), and live off rural, barely-gridded land. It would be novel if it wasn’t so frequent. It would be quaint and idealistic if it wasn’t so centered on the organization.

Whatever the parents’ motive, the kids land in insecurity, overcrowded quarters, and all the neglect I talk about in my “skipped” video series. The “adventures” look like labor and the “simple” life is break-you hard.

Want to know more about what it’s really like in Christian Fundamentalism? Grab my free FUNDIE CHEATSHEET:   https://linktr.ee/TiaLevings

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