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Matthew Coleman child murders


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In the tragedy that is the QAnon influence over mentally fragile people, Matthew Coleman,  the owner of a popular southern California surf school and devout evangelical Christian, in August 2021 drove his 2-year-old son and 10-month-old daughter across the border into Mexico and murdered both with a speargun (or stake) through their tiny chests. 

He subsequently dumped bloody clothes in various spots as he headed back to the US, later recovered by Mexican police. 

He claimed that the children had serpent DNA inherited from his wife, and, by murdering them, he was saving the world from monsters.   Where did he come up with this insane idea that led him to murder his children in such a gruesome way?  QAnon, of course. 

This excellent Rolling Stone article  covers the influence of QAnon on Coleman and its larger spread. 

QAnon's Deadly Price  Church-loving surf instructor Matthew Taylor Coleman fell into online conspiracy theories, then allegedly admitted to killing his kids to save the world. How did no one see it coming?

(Note: No one who knew Matthew Coleman saw this coming, even those who spoke with him in the hours before he set this horrible crime in motion.)



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