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Messianic Jews posing as Orthodox


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Is this the right forum? I have no idea.
Originally in the NY Post, which linked to an investigation in the Jewish Chronicle, so trashy journalism leading to actual journalism.
Father and son duo in Arizona have been performing marriages and other Jewish rituals as rabbis for the last 12 years. They’ve been going from community to community, moving every one or two years, performing marriages, funerals, and even conversions. Investigation finds that they aren’t Jewish, and have links to “messianic” groups and individuals. BONKERS.
Here’s the NY Post article:
The Jewish Chronicle article: http:// https://www.thejc.com/news/uk/exposed-sleeper-cell-of-evangelical-christians-posing-as-orthodox-rabbis-1.521679
(For those not familiar with the rules of Orthodox Judaism, this means that all of those rituals they performed, are now completely invalid. People who thought they were married, are not actually married. People who thought they converted, are now not considered Jewish. This is a disaster of massive proportions that may well affect hundreds of families.)

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