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Had this pop up for me on the YouTube home page the other day...

It's a Netflix TV series about the Germanic tribal leader Arminius.  He was a Roman officer who turned against Rome and led an attack on three Roman legions where the Germans wiped the forest floor with said legions.  So far there's just been one season but there's supposed to be a second season.

What's really cool is that they had all the Roman characters speaking the type of Latin the Romans back then most likely spoke and not ecclesiastical (modern) Latin.  The Germanic characters all spoke modern German and it was dubbed into other languages including English. 

After World War II the Germans really didn't like to talk that much about Arminius because of how he was associated with militant nationalism.  They had their fill of that in the first 1/2 of the 20th century.  So I didn't know about the battle or Arminius until I watched the series.

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