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Ernest Angley Has Died at 99


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My mom and I often watched his TV program on Sunday mornings for the shits-and-giggles factor.  When it was announced that his crusade was coming to Rochester, she even mentioned possibly bringing my grandmother(who was in a wheelchair from polio).  Fortunately, we didn’t.


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I thought he died 20 years ago!

Mod note- moving this out of the archive for now since it is news.

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He is local to me and a truly evil man. Good riddance.  

The Beacon Journal newspaper has done a couple multi-part series on his shenanigans over the years which are worth the time to Google and read... Angely was a rotten as they come.  

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Thus passes a truly vile, despicable, nasty excuse for a human. I hope his name is immediately forgotten.

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