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Candy Brauer is not "Dresses Only" anymore


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After all of her years of incessant preaching, Candy Brauer has revisited the scriptures, and now says that the Bible doesn't actually say that women should only wear dresses (which readers of her blog tried repeatedly to tell her). Apparently she came to this revelation after her daughter pointed it out, and now she wears jeans if she feels like it. She thinks this may be part of her "midlife crisis," like the time when she wore a bikini in one of her videos and immediately edited it out after she got some pushback.

I'm guessing she got flack over this too, because her blog doesn't come up in Google searches anymore, and she no longer has hyperlinks to specific posts. This is classic Candy behavior in the face of criticism.





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She's never linked anything other than things she wanted to promote - at the time. Then when she changed her mind, poof, no more. 

Can't say I am surprised she changed her mind. She's not exactly one of conviction. She definitely shouts & harps on the same shit over & over & digs in her heels, but not out of actual belief. It's always because she has to be right and she is the smartest and she knows the most. 

Next thing you know, she'll share pages of bible verses saying why good kristchens should be celebrating Christmas. And that's not said tongue in cheek. That day will come. 

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I know I know her name but can someone remind me of her blog? I’m having trouble putting the name with a person. 

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Candy's original blog was Keeping the Home, and at one time there were several blogs whose sole existence was to refute Candy's lies and fabrications (Sweeping the Home, Visits to Candyland). There was also a parody of her blog called Sweeping the Home, which can still be turned up in a Google search.

Facing heavy scrutiny, she deleted that blog and supposedly left the internet to "homestead," only to turn up a few months later like nothing had happened, with a new blog called Joyful Christian Homemaking. That blog has also been deleted, and now she has a new blog and YouTube channel called Eyes 2 Jesus. She is very boring as a general rule, but occasionally she posts something that is somewhat shocking to those of us who have followed her for more than a decade. She was previously very militant in all of her rules and regulations for Christian homemakers, so this new "wear a bikini if you want, it's no big" attitude change is really something.


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