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Go to your profile, scan down the left hand column to location, fill it in.

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I'm on my phone, so it might be a little different than a computer, but here is a screenshot tutorial, if it helps:


First click the "3 lines" menu. (Most good stuff is here. It's a good place to explore.)


Then click "Account" from the next menu.


Choose "Profile".20210129_170945.jpg.d0c45b3947875ad6eb16ce04771bb05b.jpg

On the profile, there's a pencil shaped icon next to the avatar. Choose it.20210129_171024.thumb.jpg.4cfe8baede496baf59add65277a522f3.jpg

This gives you all choices to add to your profile. "Location" is down a little ways.


I'm a visual learner, so I'm prone to using screenshots. If it doesn't help you, maybe it will help the next poster. :kitty-wink:

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