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Pastor Jesse Lee Peterson


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So this guy.... is an American pundit, author and minister. He hosts a national radio show and is the president and founder of Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND) which is of course a religious 501(c)(3) non-profit.  I don't even know where to start...if there is something disgusting and offensive to be said, he has probably said it.  He hates women, democrats, civil rights, other black people, certainly gay and trans people...he just seems pretty big on hatred. Why is he allowed have a 501(c)(3)? How?








PETERSON: “I think that one of the greatest mistakes that America made was to allow women the opportunity to vote. We should have never turned that over to women.”

“It was a big mistake…these women are voting in the wrong people. They’re voting in people who are evil, who agree with them…Men in the good old days understood the nature of the women, they were not afraid to deal with them.” “Wherever women are taking over, evil reigns.”




Black people were moral people back then and they are immoral now. Since the civil rights movement, they have been relying on the government, they feel like victims, they blame everybody else for their weakness










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Try to wrap your brains around this.

This video was how I became aware of this dude the other day. WTF? He's been around for a while and I guess Sean Hannity likes him and has had him as a guest. 

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