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RIP, Penny Marshall


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Penny Marshall, sister of director Garry Marshall, star of the sitcom Laverne and Shirley, and the first woman director to direct a film to make over $100 million in US box office does Monday.  She was 75 and died of complications of diabetes.  

Penny directed the movies Big starring Tom Hanks, which was that landmark $100 million film, A League of Their Own about the All-American Girl's Professional Baseball League, and Awakenings, based on the book by Oliver Sacks, among other films.  A League of Their Own and Awakenings are particular favorites on mine.  

Penny was married to Rob Reiner from 1971 to 1981.  He adopted Penny's daughter Tracy from an earlier marriage. Tracy appeared in A League of Their Own as Betty "Spaghetti" Horn.

One of Penny's trademarks when she was making Laverne and Shirley was an embroidered script "L" on the left breast of her blouses.  This week, I noticed that Latrice Royale had a Laverne type L on her costume on RuPaul's drag race.  I think that Penny would have been pleased.

Penny Marshall

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I don't think I've ever seen Laverne and Shirley, but A League of Their Own is probably my favorite movie. Of course, when I was asked "what is your favorite movie" in a job interview lately, I said "Jurassic Park." Anyway. my mom got her hair cut and it was much like Penny Marshall's, and I said so and had to tell her that she died. :(

I think she showed up a lot in various shows and movies, because I definitely knew who she was, despite not really seeing much of her IMDB list. 


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I love A League of Their Own. I own it in all formats. One of the last times I took shrooms it was in my house and that’s what I felt compelled to do. Buy the digital version

So many stellar quotes. 

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