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Suspect in Catholic Supply attack supported gun rights, had served as pastor


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Days before he was charged with sexually assaulting two women and fatally shooting a third, Thomas Bruce wrote on Facebook that he wanted to “end gun-free zones and put the criminals on notice that they will be stopped.”

Bruce, 53, of rural Jefferson County, wrote the comments on a post he shared on gun control laws in England, arguing in favor of private gun ownership.

Thomas Bruce, of Jefferson County, was charged with murder, sodomy and other charges in connection with an attack on people inside a Catholic Supply store on Manchester Road.

On Wednesday, Bruce was charged with first-degree murder and multiple counts of sodomy, armed criminal action, kidnapping, burglary and tampering with evidence in the crime at the Catholic Supply store on Manchester Road on Monday. He is being held without bail.

I hope this fuck goes away for the rest of his worthless life. 

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