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Pathologic Antagonist

Gwen Shamblin and Hurricane Katrina

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Pathologic Antagonist

That Gwen Shamblin claims to be a prophet is admitted by everyone around her in her Remnant Fellowship hot house in Franklin, Tennessee .. except Gwen who piously declines the title when asked by outsiders in a tired pretense of self-effacing modesty. That she regularly prognosticates God's divine displeasure upon the earth is also well known. That she does this by citing the impact of local and national difficulties, disasters and turmoil as a way to bolster her claims of divinely inspired prophetic authority, which therefore cannot be questioned is again just as well known.

What deserves to be remembered was how she followed this game plan in the days before and after Hurricane Katrina.  It should not be forgotten and only the testimony of ex-members brought this to ilght. Remembrance of how the horror and tragedy that hit hundreds of thousands of human beings was exploited by her to curry a sense of divine inspiration should not be forgotten either. It is one of the most disgusting things I have heard of her preaching, right up there with her delusional behavior on 9/11/2001 and her continual defense of two church members who beat their child to death. 



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