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Argentina's Senate rejects proposal to decriminalise abortion


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Argentina's House had approved a law proposal legalizing abortion in the first 14 weeks. But the Senate rejected it with 38 to 31 votes.

Popular approval for the abortion law seem to be around 60% according to press. So why did the Senate vote against it? Rhetoric question of course, the Senate is busy sucking it up to the RCC, now more than ever since the Pope is Argentinian and he has clearly expressed his opinion on abortion as well as the Church's dogma.

Meanwhile Argentina's women suffer and some even die as a result of clandestine abortions or as a consequence of doctors refusal to perform abortions to save the mother's life (something that the law already allows, but that is certain cases has been disregarded).

Had Argentina legalised abortion it would have been of utmost importance for the whole Latin America, as it would have been the biggest state to legalise it so far. It's worth noting that some Latin American states have the strictest laws in the world re abortion, forbidding it even in cases of rape, incest and in cases where the mother's life is directly endangered by pregnancy.

Sometimes I have to check that we really are in 2018 because this is so fucking unbelievable.

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I live in Buenos Aires pretty damn close to the Congress and it was chaotic yesterday. I can't believe the ignorant statements from the prolifers at the Senate, even when the vast majority of the Argentinian society wanted the law approved. I just walked by a high school and kids are wearing green scarfs, the symbol of the prochoice movement here, and that made me happy.

Yesterday was exhausting to me though, a few "friends" (women) stopped talking to me after I explained the reasons why abortion should be legal. Sadly, most mysoginists here are WOMEN.

I'm heartbroken about this but hopeful because next year will be discussed again and it's gonna be law, not today but they can't stop the progress.

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