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Until Charlottesville, I had never heard the term "antifa", knew what it was or even how it was pronounced.  Now I'm seeing things popping up on fb along the lines of, "Well, what about antifa?"  

I got a twitter account a bit over a month ago, and I'm intrigued by how much information I'm getting through five or six astute political observers (and the people THEY follow) and Sarah Kendzior is rapidly moving to the forefront.  She linked to a series of posts by Caroline O. today about antifa.  This is timely for me because yesterday I was trying to put together in my mind what I thought about antifa, do they really belong anywhere on the spectrum of the Left or Progressives?  Why would they be? Should they be utterly disavowed for their militnt stance?  Who the hell are they and what are they up to?

Caroline O.'s tweets are significant to me for two reasons.  I'd say the first is that I'm now aware of how various random sources have subtly shaped a narrative about antifa, and two, how this series of tweets by Caroline O. have brought how various reports have altered my perceptions about antifa. Anyway, here we go.  Here's her first tweet. Rather than posting a bazillionty tweets,  I'd encourage you to click on it and take a deep dive into some excellent short form journalism. 

Walter Shaub starts it out, then click on Caroline O.'s tweet.


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