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Darren Aronofsky movie "Mother!"

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Hey all! I don't run here every time I see a new movie, but was honestly shocked that I hadn't heard more about the religious undertones in "mother!"

Has anyone else here seen it? More of my thoughts under spoiler.


I heard plenty about the way misogyny and gaslighting were depicted in this film, but I'm just pleasantly floored that the whole story was punctuated with references to the Bible and with depictions of worship taken to an extreme as a whole. It really reminded me of a lot of what we discuss here, especially in terms of men being held in incredibly high regard and women's needs/desires being ignored or suppressed.

I only recommend this movie if you check out the warnings in advance. I had a hard time watching some parts and I'm normally pretty flexible when it comes to psychological and body horror in films.

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Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky supposedly got together just after the movie was completed, and the tabloids claim that the poor reviews of the movie drove them apart.

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To be honest, their relationship creeps me out given her role in the film (not so much given their age difference, oddly). She was reportedly injured during filming, and has talked about him wanting the shot again after that. It sounds like an uncomfortable dynamic at best.

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I admit to watching this without any idea of what the hell was going on in it. I had no idea of the religious undertones and actually had to look up on the internet what it was about. Once I read the information out there, it all made sense. However at the time I was so very lost! It was basically a crap show though. 

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