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What Would Yo Do?

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Once again another Friday is upon us, and so is that insipid television show What Would You Do?  

I really can't stand that show.   Am I the only one who doesn't like that show? 

If I found myself in the middle of one of their dumbass setups the only way I'm giving permission for it to be aired on TV is if ABC writes me a check with lots and lots of zeros on it.  Otherwise they could pound sand as far as I'm concerned. 

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I don't usually watch it, because it's too obvious most of the time.  The show has even showed people looking on and whispering to each other "Do you think this might be that TV show?  It seems like something they would do."  

Plus, the show continually uses this one actress over and over again. Her name is Traci Hovel, and she's been on 22 of their shows acting like a mean babysitter, a fat-shaming mother, etc.  One time she wandered around a restaurant asking people if their food was good and then begged them to let her have a bite so she could see if it was something she might want to order.  If they let her have a bite she'd immediately want another and then another.  If I saw her somewhere acting strange, I'd definitely start looking around for the hidden cameras.

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