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Funding the resistance...the proposal in my house


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So, in reading and trying to follow up on how to help the resistance, one of the (reasonable) suggestions is to fund organizations (see the list in the pinned threads, I believe) like the ACLU.
Which is awesome, I've made some small donations to some of my causes.

But, if you didn't know, I'm unemployed at the moment.  We're not doing badly, but it's not like I can pull a hundred dollar check out of my butt and not notice.  

Separate thought, that I'll tie in in a sec...another place on the interwebz I participate occasionally does a 'buy nothing month' challenge. Save cash, really buy nothing that isn't a *NEED* for a month.  Sometimes combined with a "eat to the back of the cupboard/freezer" challenge (because it's actually nice to use up that spaghetti before it goes bad--and it does force creative cooking).

Y'all know where this is going, right?
There's a jar on my kitchen counter.  It currently has $12 in it, because that's how much stuff I would normally have bought this week that I didn't.  (not just 'ooh, want', but 'picking up to put in cart' or 'have clicked on the 'place in cart' button').

WHo wants to not buy stuff for the ACLU with me?
No pressure.  Not a 'see who can raise the most' challenge or anything, just an idea.

(We discussed the opposite method in my house--a swear jar for every time we swear about politics or are outraged...but we had to make the cash buy-in so damn small to not go over-budget...dropping in a quarter for calling him a kraft-dinner-coated turd doesn't feel as nice as putting back the target beauty box and dropping in a ten spot and calling him a pile of shat-out sweet potato for free.  But YMMV :) )

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I accept the challenge. 

This may not seem like a big thing, but today, I was out buying groceries and I saw a movie for sale for $5 and I almost bought it. But then I thought of your post and realized I can just check that movie out from the library. It's only $5, but I have frequent moments like this where I buy useless crap and I try to justify it because it's not that expensive. But 5 or 6 small impulsive items a week can really add up. Thanks for the motivation!

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